How to find your signature style and be immune to trends

There are so many people online who are filming huge hauls on YouTube, posting the latest trends on Instagram, and showing how to style them on Tiktok. The painful truth is not everyone looks good in them. That is a good thing. This means style can be more individualised as opposed to wearing fast fashion churned polyester off the rack! 

The fashion industry’s behaviour with the next big thing is why I reworded my dress-up playlists on YouTube from ‘fashion’ to ‘style’. I could care less about fashion. Why would you let someone tell you what to wear? 

It is weird to know that people who think they are the first to do something are simply copying the model online who gets paid to do it better. The influence on young minds for wanting to say the latest neologism, wear the hierarchy affiliation we call trends, and to emulate the low quality habits around them is nothing short of abysmal. 

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You can find a rabbit hole of girls wearing unflattering designs, because they want to be seen with the in-crowd. But when you know your  personality and especially what looks good on you, and stick to that – you will always look good.

What fits always looks good.

  • No creases
  • No oversized clothes
  • Use a belt
  • A good tailor is your friend
  • If you know how to tailor, sharpen your skills
  • Good quality material drapes better

No creases

Never having creases is something we should all live by. Always press your clothes or steam them. It all depends on the contents of your garment, and knowing how to take care of them. Usually it will say on the tag inside the clothes.

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When I purchase a really good quality piece, I have the materials and their percentages tattooed on my brain for hte most, because I probably did a lot of research on its sourcing while I had the item in my cart online for months before purchasing haha. To me, it is kind of like owning precious metals. The more effort I put into finding something I want to wear for absolutely ever, the more I care. In other words, the more it costs with time and effort, the more I want to wear it longer.

Lack of creases does not only make you look more polished, but you can also see how well the clothes fit you. You are also more likely to reach for these designs.

No oversized clothes

I know this is a trend, but nothing too caricaturised should be in your closet. You will be waiting another twenty years to wear it again, and you do not want to do that to your closet space. No matter how hot it currently is on the market, it does not suit many body types, it swallows you, and you want your clothes to be flattering. If you want to be taken seriously, treated better by everyone, and well respected, dress well.

Use a belt

A lot of people have the notion that putting a rubber band over a paper bag is the idea of wearing a belt. Avoid this. If you want to cut yourself up into multiple proportions, say if you are taller or bigger use a belt with a different material, texture, or pattern. If you want to appear more streamlined if you are shorter, wear a belt with a similar colour or print to that garment. The bigger you are, the wider the belt. The smaller you are, the smaller the width of the belt. It cinches you in while the clothes are close to your body to show off your shape. 

For all sorts of body types, this will make you look like your clothes are made for you, even if they are a half a size too big. This applies to purchasing clothes that are off the rack or ready to wear. With bespoke, clothes being washed or maintained can do different things to the fabric. A belt simply helps keep your trousers or skirt on throughout the day as you move when pertaining to this level of clothing being made.

A good tailor is your friend

If you need to hem a garment, fit a jacket’s shoulders better, shorten or thin out sleeves, a tailor is your friend. They can do so much as long as they know what they are doing. It is actually quite difficult to find a good tailor, and finding someone who has mastered the craft is harder than you think. This can sometimes depend on where you live. 

When you find a good one, keep them forever, send them a holiday card. Do not be afraid to shop around for an excellent tailor who knows what they are doing. Keep in mind also that good service is everything. They will help you look good, and make sure your clothes last forever, because you simply wear them longer and want to wear them. 

If you know how to tailor, sharpen your skills

Being pressed for time is one thing, but making time to practise on your own clothes at least half an hour to an hour a day is nothing compared to spending over one hundred dollars on multiple items you have been wanting to do in your closet. It is definitely worth trying if you have experience sewing by hand or with a machine. 

I do everything by hand, because I hate machines. My stepmom is great with a machine. My grandma does everything by hand in about five minutes, and it looks like a machine did it with incredible cross stitching. 

Do not be incompetent, and master your skills. It takes time. Be patient and practice. It is worth doing things on your own. The clothes are also more special when you wear them. Furthermore, you know your body type better than the tailors, so you can adjust everything to your preference. 

Good quality material drapes better

I should say good quality material drapes period. There is a way cashmere, silk, and wool falls on your body that is natural, heavy, and flattering. Most natural fibres are more breathable therefore comfortable. You will find yourself reaching for these options more. You can also wear them more often with less care, because they are usually antimicrobial and need less washing. Especially without a machine. I’ll have guides here on how to take care of and wash your natural fibre clothes.

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Know your colour season.

You instantly look healthy and beautiful when you know what colours look good on you. If you look carefully, you literally look like you are glowing. In addition, wearing the wrong colours make you look sick and unattractive. Your eyes can look jaundiced and your features dull down. You want saturation and contrast to look brighter.

If your eyes look too yellow or red when you have had enough sleep, change the colour of your clothes to something on the opposite end of the spectrum. You want to stand out and your complexion to look healthy. That is what we perceive to be attractive. Sometimes a beautiful shirt or dress is one colour away from making you look terribly spectacular. 

Remember that hue is colour or pure pigment, tone is the colour plus grey, shade is if you add black to the hue, and tint is adding white to the colour.

I had to study this a bit more than the average person, because I am a bit colour blind, known as having colour disassociation, so at first glance I will have a hard time pinning down a hue. I have to look at it a bit longer in comparison to other colours in order to see what other people see. 

Also, remember that light refraction changes at every angle, type of atmosphere, and within the lens of individuals. Depending on where you are from in the world, you can see something entirely different. 

This is why people see blue eyes, when they are actually brown. The pigment is softer in the refraction of the light. Some birds have brown feathers that appear blue in the light. 

Even various languages portray this notion. The word for blue might be the word for green in another language, because depending on if they are equatorial or not, seeing the sunlight bounce off the water at a certain angle, they see something different. This applies even if someone was once from the same tribe. It is fascinating. I could make a whole post about it. 

It is most likely that you have a couple of seasons depending on the time of year, and how often you are getting sun. I like to lean towards one season more than the other by protecting my face from the sun, because makeup is expensive, and I want to wear what I already have. This includes my clothes.

I will have a quiz here you can take that is entirely free to find out your colour season. It makes a huge difference when you know what colours look right on you. 

For example, I am a deep winter with a neutral undertone. This means I can wear warm and cool colours. Warm is anything with yellow in it. Cool is anything with blue. I prefer more blues, because it makes my brown eyes look darker and eye whites whiter. If I wear a lot of middle warmer tones such as a carnation pink or a coral red, my teeth and eyes look really yellow. If I wear deeper, vivid hues, my skin and eyes look more brilliant. 

The way you can tell what your undertone is is by finding a white piece of paper or white towel. They have to be bright blinding stark white, not off white or cream. Put your wrist in front of it. 

Here is some background information. I did extensive research asking my husband who is a blood expert. Specifically at a hospital. If I do not specify in a hospital, people think he is a vampire. He only looks like one,  because he is from England where there is no sun.

He works with blood all day in the lab. Hospitals have labs, so when someone has a huge procedure done and thanks the hospital, they send cake to all the doctors and nurses, but the people in the labs are skinny, because they don’t get anything. You never see them. They are the ones doing all the work, especially if you have a baby. 

Mr. Dixon explained to me that when blood is oxygenated it is very bright red. When deoxygenated as in the veins it is very dark almost like a burgundy – so a blue based red. But at no point is it properly blue. 

The confusion is that the veins themselves are blue or blue-green. Blue and blue-green is just colouration of the vein. No scientist is certain why evolution decided to be that colour.

Cool tone 

If you have purple and blue veins, you are a cool tone, because blood is mainly red-blue and a touch of blue, or a cool undertone makes blue and purple. 

Red + blue = purple

Blue + blue = blue

Warm tone

If you have green veins, you are a warm tone, because in your veins blood appears cool toned. Adding the yellow of your skin makes your veins appear green.

Blue + yellow = green 

Neutral tone

If you have both blue or purple and green – you are a neutral tone like me! Now you know what makeup and clothes to wear. 

Personally, I like to wear tons of bright chroma red, or what is known as a blue red to make me shine. If I wear a red that is too yellow like a coral red, my eyes are not as bright. I like to wear a lot of blues and greens, because they cancel out the red and yellow in my eyes so I look healthy. 

Emerald green is one of those colours that looks good on every skin tone. There are a handful of universal colours that look good on most people. I do not want to say all individuals, because the colours they say that do, do not necessarily apply to me. 

There are so many different kinds of blacks and whites, so be sure to find the right one for you. I look awful in green-based black and look better in blue. I look awful in yellow-based white. Look carefully and hold your clothes under your face in the mirror in different forms of light: natural, outside, in the house with an type of bulb you have.

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Wear what you actually use.

Factor in your lifestyle when thinking about giving in to a dress meant for rare occasions. If you are someone who goes out to cocktail parties every night, your closet is probably full of fabulous cocktail dresses. 

If you have a high powered office job, a lounge suit is a good way to show respect and that you want to be taken seriously. 

If you work in construction, it is better if you have more of a hard-wearing wardrobe as jeans and something comfortable to move around in as you would a t-shirt. Perhaps some eye protection.

Once you find clothes you actually reach for and what you find yourself to be comfortable yet polished in, you will always wear everything in your wardrobe and are confident you look good. 

If you find a cut that might be newer to you, practice wearing it. Sometimes clothes are not uncomfortable, but you are simply not used to them. Master your wardrobe, and you will master your style. 

When living in the Hollywood Hills, it made sense to wear easy cotton dresses and sandals, because it was so hot all the time. It is a desert in Los Angeles. Here in Kentucky, I have to wear steel toe and waterproof work boots on the farm, because if a hammer falls out of a truck, or a cow steps on my foot, I will not have any toes left. I also opt for a lot of wool trousers out here, because it is cold, and they are also extremely comfortable. 

If it is freezing where you live, invest in a good quality coat that will actually keep you warm, but looks good so you want to wear it. Make sure it matches everything in your wardrobe, yet is still practical, because I have made the mistake of opting for one thing more than the other and suffering through the seasons. 

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These are simply my observations, and if you have anything to add, I would love to know in the comments below! Everyday is a school day, and it helps to get the conversation started on what works for you and what does not. It is always a thrill to learn more from you about presenting yourself appropriately, because impressions are made in three and half seconds. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. 

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Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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