How to dress elegantly with a large bust

If I put on a shift dress, it looks like mumu. Styling is key when not looking like you are a walking circus tent. The trick is to show off the small bits of your frame by bringing more attention to to those details in your outfit.

  1. Belts are your friend.
  2. Avoid bottoms with lots of material at the sides 
  3. Carefully layer
  4. Seamless nude bra
  5. Avoid tops with bustier seams 

This has helped me customise my wardrobe without spending a fortune on the limiting selection sites and stores have to offer. There are different sizes of hole punchers, it comes with multiple options for types of hole shapes, and is less than ten dollars.

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Best bras to dress elegantly

  1. Stick on bra silicone v textile 
  2. Stick on bra with lace up front
  3. Wacoal bra

The key is to wear a seamless flesh tone bra that suits your tone. White bras under light tops are even more brilliantly visible underneath such layers. The closer to your complexion the better and more discreet the look will be under your clothes.

Donning the right underwear will not only support your chest, but also help your posture by making you stretch, making you appear stronger. Garments sit better with structure, and you can see this with men in skinny jeans and t-shirts. Wearing good underwear is also a sign of respect and being humble showing formality. That walking into any room is not about you. This way when you do shine, it is your character beaming through.

Stick on bras

Stick on bras are my favourite for dressing up with strappy tops or special occasion outfits that call for a more glamorous look. You do not have unwanted visible straps, hooks, and bits when wearing this seamless piece of artillery in your arsenal. It is the do-all bra, and I highly recommend it for anyone as an essential. You cannot go wrong with this style of underwear, because it holds everything in place discreetly. 

If the adhesive stopped working as a whole or on certain parts of the bra, simply wash it under the sink with soap and water, and it will be sticky again. This is the most affordable bra in this list, and if you only purchase one bra in your lifetime, it should be this. I prefer the silicone over the textile version, because the poly blend has a tendency to wear after a while and misshapen bringing unnecessary negative attention to your chest.

Lace up stick on bras

The lace up front stick on bra is another rendition I personally do not have a propensity for, nor do I have a problem with. It is simply for those who want a little bit of extra support outside the regular fitting classic cut. It gives me too much cleavage if I do sport a plunge, and it sexualises my look unnecessarily when my bra size is already into the plus size territory.

Note that my measurements are 27F-26-37, I am petite at 5’2.5”, and weigh 110 pounds. I am doing everything I can to look balanced and prefer more conservative style. If looking like having ample cleavage is your thing, or you simply need help with a smaller bust — more power to you.

The Wacoal bra

Wacoal is synonymous with bra technology. I have sat for hours at Nordstrom through the years to finally find this as a twenty-seven year old haha. It is a life changer. The bra is so soft without hurting, is easily adjustable, and does not feel like I have a bag of bricks on my chest. The weight of my breasts sitting on my shoulders with the use of straps also does not deter me from my day. The weight is practically non existent considerin how lightweight this is. It is also terribly flexible, soft, and I have never experienced this Japanese next-level technology before!

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