How to dress up jeans and elevate your casual style

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Dressing up jeans are tricky when it comes to styling them to be less casual. Personally, I do not reach for jeans on a regular basis, but when I do, they are typically white or a really dark cotton. This post is for those who love mid-blue denim and have a less formal nine to five or simply adore their farming fashion favourite.

Here is how I would elevate an blue-jean ensemble:

  1. Pair your jeans with simple gold jewellery around your face (earrings & necklaces).
  2. Add a scarf for a flourish. This could be in your hair, around your neck, or your bag.
  3. High quality breathable knits on top are key to being casual-chic for Spring layering. Avoid t-shirts alone. T-shirts are underwear.
  4. Easy on the accessories, because your jewellery is a statement to bring light to your face. Not to decorate you like a Christmas tree.
  5. Anything classic goes for shoes to accentuate what you have. The simpler, the smarter.
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The Jeans

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The Top

I have a stack of bretons that are my lifetime supply to dip back into when doing work around the house. This is perfect for moms, cool girls in the city, and even gardening. It is as elegant as a white shirt, but with a little bit of flair. You can do no wrong with this layering piece. Add a cashmere cardigan — et voila!

The Cardigan

If you breathe and have a beating heart, cable knit cardigans are a must. Especially for layering if you want to keep warm. I use this one every day and alternate the different colour ones I have around the house, working from home, picking up groceries, and tackling everything on my to-do list. But with a tough of elegance. You can even stop by for lunch at the country club.

The Shoes & Accessories

They key to wearing jeans is finding the right fit and letting them do the talking. Keep everything else simple, and carry yourself with an attitude of effortless elegance by focusing on what you are doing 100%. This is why less is more when it comes ot accessorising. Make sure your bit and bobs are not something you have to fuss over by wearing less and higher quality that lasts. This way you do not have to worry about drapnig and reeadjusting, and everything has a purpose.

Shoes make the ultimate statement at the end of the day. If you want to be casual, your shoes will say so. If you want to upgrade up your look, the more formal your shoe, the more polished you will be.

I also feel like you act differently when you walk daintily. You care more the more elevated your outfit is, so the simplicity of your ensemble will be taken to another level when you have this aura of elegance and care with how you are dressed.

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