How To Dress Feminine In Winter | 6 Feminine Coats

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Here is a quick guide on how to stay feminine in winter with your outer layer: coats!

There are a few key tricks to feminine dressing in winter that are very specific. First off, is to make sure your silhouette is you. I’m talking making sure your coat is tailored, structured, fitted to your body. When in the crowd of a bunch of penguins in a big city, you want to stand out by actually being seen.

Petite frames already have this down as we have to work twice as hard to show off our figure and that we actually have one. Taller bods just drape something on and the neckline drops perfectly and long legs are visible under the coat no matter the shape.

Next, is to layer. I have another video coming up on how to dress in Copenhagen for winter. It’s literally right underneath the Arctic and surrounded by water. I’ve also lived there for a couple years and it was freezing even in the summer haha.

The solid rule I live by for layering is 3 layers. Whatever it is I’m wearing – could be a dress, blouse, or even a sleeveless top – and then 2 sweaters over it. The thickest coat I have in this haul was warm enough with one sweater and one long sleeve top, but it still could have used another layer when it came to dreary sightseeing days.

There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.

Nordic expression

My technique for looking feminine is a whole other list of things. Primarily, it’s to wear bright colours. It doesn’t have to be loud and vibrant, just something light. To catch the eye, to catch the light.

You will immediately stand out in a sea of black coats meant for utility and practicality in a metropolis. But that’s femininity. Having the extra care and attention for your clothes, your appearance, and expressing your personality in that nature.

It’s harder to take care of light clothes, and you step up to the challenge of being well-groomed and thinking highly of yourself. You deserve to stand out in this beautiful way. It’s the little things!

A main thing to remember is that you look approachable, friendly, and inviting. Being feminine doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically vulnerable, but open. Open to new ideas, open to people’s feelings, and receiving information. It’s flowing and not hard. Water flows and is unbreakable. It’s a whole lifestyle, not just an appearance to be this way.

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