How to deal with bullies online and in-person

There is one answer and only one answer to this. Everyone has their version of ‘you should stand up for yourself’ or ‘tell on them to the teacher’, because one person is taking ownership by outsourcing the responsibility while the other is taking responsibility into their own hands.

My answer to this is by doing absolutely nothing. Do not address them. Do not look in their direction. In other words, do what royalty would do.

During the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years and 214 days in power, there was never a time she turned her head to someone yelling obscenities at her in the crowd. Whether you have security or not, you can see such an insecure person simply wants attention. If you get them your time, you lose the chance of having taken the high road. Succumbing to giving a response fuels their intensity by validating what they have to say.

Go on with your life. You have a thousand other priorities and real things to worry about. Vehement criticisms of things you are doing and who you are is a very personal expression of things that bother themselves, because of what they lack. They need a therapist. Or to simply do something great with their own lives, because they do not even have the attention span to focus on their own. In lieu of living a high value life, they take hours picking you apart, finding flaws, and not working on themselves. Most of these people look down and cannot even see their toes.

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Do not take criticism from those you do not respect. Do not take advice from an out of shape person. They have nothing going right in their life. They can’t get their health together. Do not take financial advice from someone who is poor. Same how you won’t take dating advice from someone who is not married or in a long term committed relationship. Also how you wouldn’t ask for parenting advice from someone who doesn’t have kids. People are ultracrepidarian — always talking outside of their expertise– because they think they know better on how they would handle your situation, yet they have not experienced your situation.

They do not know you. They don’t spend personal time with you everyday. Who cares what they have to say? Not me.

I have zero wrinkles. No botox in my forehead as you can see in videos when I flex my brows. Only smile lines are visible. Let people be angry. It shows a lack of emotional control and ability to handle their own life. They take it out on you. An innocent bystander who is being blamed for someone else’s inadequacies. It’s obviously not personal when they attack you. They don’t know you.

Focus on your health, purpose, and close loved ones who actually do care and show up everyday. They always have something good to say. They encourage you. They never complain, because their life is great too. They want you to flourish with them.

I hope this helps and if you have anything to add, I always love hearing from you in the comments below.

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Gia G. Dixon

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