How to become excellent at grooming in a short amount of time

I personally am not a fan of having to do a whole giant beauty routine, or morning toilette when I have a big day ahead of me. It is important to break all the things I need to do into small bits throughout the week or month. 

I like to focus on hair, skin, nails. Hair skin, nails. Just as a rule of thumb outside the basic fundamentals of sleeping, eating, and exercising well. 

Being ready in a snap is imperative to me when I have a thousand other things to worry about in a. day. Here is what I like to focus on to cut down on grooming time and showing up as my best:

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Have a to do list ready so you don’t have to think.

If you know you need to have your nails cut and cleaned first thing, make sure that is on the list. Have your outfit ready from the night before so you have no obstacles of not being certain in what you will be confident in wearing. Have your bag, jewelry, and all your accessories ready to go.

I write things down on a post it to make sure I do not miss anything. Keep it simple, and you will have less mess to be scatter-brained about. The post it of tasks for the big day will be on my nightstand or on my mirror depending on what the list consists of.

Know your go-to tools.

Know what works for you, what looks good on you. I have this down from my favourite toothpaste, to my style of jacket, to my tinted lip balm. This makes getting glam easy. I know my tone and only have the right makeup that works for me, so there is zero chance of making a mistake, or looking unhealthy when I really need a pick me up from a not so fabulous night’s sleep. 


If you know you are going to have to blow dry your hair and have no time to hit the salon or make an appointment beforehand, practice your look at home before the day of. Make sure you absolutely nail it so you are confident and can blindly be assured that you look great. You do not have to worry about checking yourself in the mirror multiple times a day and be self conscious.


I love beauty tools that do more than one thing. An SPF that is also a moisturizer and it is tinted? Count me in. I get really excited about things like that. Same with a dual highlighter and contour stick. I can just blend with my fingers and build as I go. Tinted lip balm is my ultimate go-to, because it is simply so low maintenance for high quality results!

Have a backup plan

Find mini versions of your go-to tools you already have in a makeup bag or in your car ready to go just in case. I like to have a separate makeup bag of tools if I am bringing a really loaded arsenal into my car, and bring it back into the house when I get home, because I do not want things to melt. 

Keeping little things here and there in my handbag is more than enough for me on a regular day though, because I am most definitely a planner. If I am running late, then I might throw in something that can be done last minute, and that does not require adding to my look. 

For example, I will bring a mascara mini in my bag, because I hardly wear mascara as it is, but if I have to attend a particularly glamorous event, I will have it to touch up in the car while my husband is driving rather than show up late. 

What are your go-tos? I would love to know more tricks you have up your sleeve in the comments below to share with everyone!

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Gia G. Dixon

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