How to beat jet lag and flight booking tips

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Must Dos

Do drink plenty of water before, during and after flying.

Do set your watch to the same time as your destination as you board and sleep accordingly.

Do try to sleep as much as possible.

Do book unpopular early morning flights that land at night. They will be empty and will aid your sleep when you arrive.

Also a tip, in the USA, if you book a flight, try booking a Tuesday or Saturday to get your tickets. They will be cheaper. Book early in the day if you want more chances of your flight leaving on time. 

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Now for the Don’ts. 

Don’t drink caffeine before the flight.

Don’t drink alcohol on board. I remember one time on a flight, I thought there was a sweater on the floor. It was actually a guy who was hammered army crawling on the ground. He was schwasted. That’s never a good look. 

Don’t go to bed earlier than 10pm at your destination.

Don’t eat during the flight. It will leave you extremely bloated, because the amount of salt they have to use in airplane food. The reason they use a lot is because your taste buds change at such high altitudes. There’s a rumour that the sodas even have more sugar. 

My final tip for beating jet lag, if you’re trying really hard to stay awake, go out. I literally mean step outside under the sun, get some rays. The blue light wakes your body up. 

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