How to always be punctual no matter what

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Here are the key things to know when preparing for any event, and any situation. This could be a first date, meeting an old friend, or job interview. No matter what it is, show up on time. There are zero excuses and pity for those who do not show up on time, because there is always someone smarter, better, and more prepared who could fill your space in that moment! It sounds scary, so do not waste a second holding yourself back because you were not prepared.

Here is how to always be on time no matter what the situation is. You got this. 


This is my one of my absolute favourite quotes I heard from my finishing school teacher. Someone else said it before he did, but I still give him the credit, because it changed my mindset for the better when considering others’ time. 

Always be an hour early rather than one minute late.Philip Sykes

Planning is not just for you, it is showing respect for the other person’s time. There will always be an excuse, a detour, a reason, but you are not the person who makes such things, because you plan. You plan for the worst case scenario and are always ten steps ahead. 

If this means getting someone to watch the kids, having to use your backup go-to grooming bag in a public bathroom, or making sure your car has gas or electricity beforehand, you do it. 

Set up alerts. 

This could be on your phone calendar, visual prompts with post-it notes on your mirror, or a string around your finger. I know someone who turns their Apple Watch to face the inside of his wrist when he needs to do something important. I set up multiple alarms throughout the day with different labels to remind me of where I need to be within the next half hour. Signs and alerts are your friend.

Have a to do list so you don’t have to think.

If you know you need to get ready without any negotiations, know exactly what you need to do and when. If there is a certain time frame, or task you need to complete, but have to wait on something to occur in order to do that, be a huntsman about it. Stalk your errands, chores, and tasks like they are prey and you need to eat. 

Having a post-it with written physical things that need to be done — no excuses — will help immensely so you don’t have to think. You just do. 

Scope the place you’re going to ahead of time. 

If you’re going to a job interview, or first date in an unfamiliar location, use Google maps to guide you. For job interviews specifically, drive by the place, look for a coffee shop nearby (preferably a Starbucks, because it is the world’s bathroom), and all the parking situations you could potentially access. 

I live in Los Angeles, and being 20 minutes late seems to be the norm when it comes to people not considering your time. Everyone runs late and happens to show up at the same time, so it’s not too bad. But it still is annoying stressing out, because you are not entirely sure of your whereabouts when you could have solved this earlier.

Factor in traffic, parking, and walking time.

Another Los Angeles, or metropolitan area problem in general. Transportation is always a give and take. Examining the commute, logistics, and all the details of coming and going are a big variable in being punctual. There are apps and the internet to guide you if you do not have friends who live in the area to drop some wise advice.

Make sure your grooming routine is nailed. 

This one is something mostly women struggle with, because we can never be too sure if an outfit is the right first impression, or if our hair is deciding to be sympathetic to our facial features. Or sometimes we are crunched for time, and desperately need to smear a look so fast that we end up looking like a clown out the door, because we zipped through our whole beauty routine. 

Knowing your go-to essential beauty tools that always nail the right way to present yourself is crucial. I personally like to also have a valet ready with my outfit before I shower, and sometimes skip things I do not need like perfume. I have a travel spray in my purse and car in case I realize my clothes smell like the dish I cooked earlier if I did not exactly air out the house. 

Have a grooming kit of minis in a makeup bag / in your car ready to go. 

Always have a backup plan. If you are really pressed for time, remember you do not have to do your full makeup routine in-house. You have your mini tools in a makeup bag in your vanity ready to go, or in your car. I personally have my necessary essentials in my handbag ahead of time if I know there might be a chance I will even be five minutes too close to the my destination time. 

Now it is time to implement these strategies. It is great to have the information, but now it is time to do the real work and turn this knowledge into action. Being on time is crucial in this day and age where it is so easy to give up on someone. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression, so always be punctual. 

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an etiquette consultant certified under Royal Charter of King Charles III. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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