How The Heck To Deliver Value To Your Followers

OOooooooo, you already KNOW I’m dropping in your inbox this fine morning to deliver some much-deserved value for you.


What is value anyway?


When people say “create value-driven content,” WTF does that means?

In short, value-driven content is more than posting a pretty/ cute photo on Instagram with a punny caption and calling it a day.

And value isn’t all “how-to XYZ” either!

Here are the 4 kinds of value-driven content you can create:

How To’s/ EducationalBehind the ScenesEmotional ResponseInspirational
You can read up on these in more detail on this @sponsoredbootcamp Instagram post. (I really love this creator and all the things she has to teach influencers with monetizing! Helping influencers is my goal and purpose!)

“But, how tf do I figure out what kind of value to bring to the table?”


What kinds of questions do your followers ask you? What conversations are you having in your DMs? And in what areas do you know a liiiiiiiiittle more than the average person?

Don’t make creating value-driven content more complicated than it is. And no one is asking you to deliver value 100% of the time. You can do a 70/30 split with 70% of your content being value-driven, and 30% being whatever TF you want.

OR, if that’s a lot right now, be realistic and start with 50/50.

If you’re looking for more strategies for building a successful full-time career, or a lucrative side hustle, as an influencer without tens and thousands of followers, stay tuned! I have a free training coming your way very soon 😉

What are some questions you have about serving valuable content to your loving audience? I’d love to know your queries in the comments below!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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