How I boosted my productivity this week

I cut down caffeine and checking emails first thing in the morning.

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It has been a mentally and physically healthy past week as I have been trying to get back on track with being more active with my body and manners again. Here are some things I have been working on to clean up my routine:

  1. Better posture all the time
  2. Going on wilderness walks again
  3. Keeping the house clean and neat throughout the week
  4. Being kinder to everyone and sharing only positive remarks
  5. Consuming healthier: food and content 

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Better posture

Lately, my back and neck have been neglected. I have a case of ‘tech neck’, and it happens from time to time, but it has been bad lately since weather is imposing on our regular plans of walking outside. Other times Mr. Dixon is too tired to move after work. My whole mood and demeanour changes once I sit or stand upright. It also makes my clothes look better and as if I am in better shape. There was a study I heard that it also releases your anxiety in any situation — social, when you’re working, or even sitting and trying to catch up with yourself.

Going on wilderness walks again

I have been using my treadmill more often, where I typically run a bit harder than with our lazy saunterings in the outdoors. Mr. Dixon keeps a steady pace, but I still feel it is quite slow to be considered exercise. It is movement to me more than anything. 

The problem is I have an injury sustained from running on the treadmill too hard since last year affecting the sole of my foot all the way up to my Achilles tendon. Apparently it is tendonitis, but not something to complain about. Simply something to rest on. 🙂 After a couple days the swelling and soreness is gone, but yesterday on our hike through the forest, it really slowed me down. I left my hobbling stick in Los Angeles haha.

Keeping the house clean and neat throughout the week

This does not sound too complicated, but we are thinning out the herd of our belongings because of our final move in the United States to our legacy home. Boxes are out to be sifted through and dropped off to consignment retailers. I still find myself wearing only the same few garments over and over again. 

Panic for an outfit will come at a special occasion in the future. For now, I only wear a handful of my clothes in my wardrobe, because I only have a small number of clothes purchased that are high quality. They also tend to be the most comfortable. 

Being kinder to everyone and sharing only positive remarks

Earlier this week, I was pushed by an old friend who became upset and wanted to start an argument. I immediately ended it. Also, my emotions overwhelmed me during an especially insurmountable chapter in my real estate studies. 

Pressing on was a challenge well worth it, because I want to know everything like the back of my hand. When someone points to me, I can immediately off the top of my head recite laws that need to come to light. Knowing my goal – nothing can bring me down. There’s that quote: You can’t stop someone who knows where they are going.

Consuming healthier: food and content 

These were the most important things that cut through the noise and helped me from being distracted to do what I actually needed to do. Everything else was secondary, but ties in together to help massively.

Cutting down caffeine was one of the weirdest ways I have felt. My body suddenly shuts down as if my limbs are heavy in the afternoon. A proper crash after only one cup of joe black in the morning. After that is green tea to keep me warm. I hit the bed like a bag of bricks the past couple of days. It took two days, and I started feeling much better and used to it. 

I stopped checking emails first thing in the morning, and my productivity shot up. Ingesting any sort of content, whether it is simply language, YouTube videos, or reading material has to be the best quality. Mr. Dixon and I promised each other that if we go out to see entertainment, it has to have high production quality and it has to be live. This way we do not watch too many movies when we pay so much to stream at home.

Books in my audiobook apps have been piling up as I have been focusing on deeply concentrated understanding of the Classics Book Club posts and on studying for real estate. The goal is to finish all of them until they all are done with notes, a post, and quick video to share my interpretation rather than long drawn out insights.

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