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I’ve collected H&M suits for years now, and went through them all. My shirts are a range $12 Oxford button downs from the retailer to $150+ slim cuts from higher end brands. But the H&M items always prevail as my capsule wardrobe daily go-tos.

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The quality is insane for the price especially considering how often I wear the garments, and they’re also the most used in my entire closet outside underwear haha. It was time for a refresh as I literally have the same design suit from them in one colour. Two suit jackets with five pairs of trousers to alternate. All the same except for one pair.

Having a capsule wardrobe can be monotonous. But I’m slowly building one where I can wear my distinct uniform with 30 outfits for each day of most months. That’s my ultimate goal for when I have the time and space to execute that, but for now, here is my H&M suit and workwear haul of blush, cream, and beige to add.

Some people are probably thinking — “I thought you wanted to mix it up?”

YES! The suits and most of the items that create my capsule wardrobe are STARK WHITE. I’ll create a whole series of videos for that, and how to build one. I’m still currently on the journey of perfecting it, and it’s a ton of content to cover. Subscribe and stay tuned!

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H&M had a few double breasted blazers I wanted to get my hands on, but this stood out the most. I would end up using this blush double breasted baby as a springtime coat and fall transition piece.

I’m not a huge fan of the oversize look, but this definitely has converted me.

Imagine an outerwear implement so powerful it changes your mind about a trend. That’s a rare one considering my style!

It’s the colour, cut, and feel of the soft yet sturdy material that does it for me. I also have the matching trousers you’ll see later. Keep scrolling for more feminized suit action!

More office suiting

I was searching endlessly for a Barbour style field jacket that was a brown, black, or navy. The earth tones and dark outerwear is just so tired.

If you want to freshen up your wardrobe, the instantaneous way to do so is by livening it up with a white / off white statement piece.

It’s not a statement piece for me, because everything I have in my closet is either full bright colour or white.

But nothing says fresh and clean like a white jacket. It’s a style power move. When you walk into the room, don’t deny that eyes will be on you in this winning oversized utility shacket.

Other styles I’m loving at H&M

I was in desperate need of some outerwear to complement my workout ensembles, because of the unwanted attention I received from walking to and from my car at the gym.

This is the perfect cover up to match all my exercise outfits that also keeps me warm in early morning hikes with the husband.

This eye opening cream tone is perfect for pairing with anything colour, refreshing the shade(s), because the cream makes it look louder.

Nothing is more inspiring than cute workout clothes to make you move your butt in the morning!

Style your office look

Frankly, I couldn’t decide on this jacket or the one above, because they are both so chic!

I resulted in the conclusion that I do workout quite a bit during the week with fencing, figure skating, running, lifting weights, and hiking all on different days of the week.

It’s only fair that I don’t smell in just one jacket I wear on the regular.

This jacket, in contrast to the one above, has no pockets, and is more streamlined in design for a lightweight feel. I’m leaning on this as more of my running and aerodynamic piece.

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These dress pants are the most flattering trousers I own outside my casual wear.

Considering they’re also menswear style cut, I was really impressed at how such a loose fit with a drop crotch and large pockets — all things I’m absolutely averse to — made me look slimmer, taller, and appear all around more fit.


Before I own all the pairs in a size US 2/ XS. They’re going to be sold out just because of me. I want to wear them on repeat for the rest of my life.

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I’m used to wearing Oxford button down classic silhouettes to elevate my look, but sometimes it gets to work-y. Tom Ford stated that a problem people have with weekendwear dressing is they essentially turn to the workwear items and dress them down for a more casual feel. But I don’t want to be business casual on the weekends. That’s gross.

Workwear stays in workwear, and this toile print shirt is the ultimate way to elevate it. White and blue and striped shirts are so monotonous and boring when you wear them so often. I can see this being worn in so many ways and lifting up your ensemble. Over a dress, by itself, under a jacket — to name a few.

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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