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We believe the more time you spend outside together, the better. That’s why we design products that make it easier to take longer walks, have deeper talks and never worry about the weather. It’s like our founder always said – being outside brings out the best in us.

L.L. Bean

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“L.L.” returned from a hunting trip with cold, damp feet and a revolutionary idea. By combining leather uppers with rubber bottoms, he created an innovative boot that changed footwear forever. In 1924, L.L. introduces his iconic Field Coat. Originally called the Maine Duck Hunting Coat, it was an instant favorite with hunters. In 1927, the L.L. Bean catalog was judged as best in the country by Postagemagazine. L.L. was awarded $25. Today, that amount is worth $433.67. In 1934, the Zipper Duffle debuted. It featured a breakthrough device called the ‘hookless fastener’ aka zipper. It became an L.L. Bean mainstay. Check out the full timeline of their story here.


“To my mind, hunting and fishing is the big lure that takes us into the great open spaces and teaches us to forget the mean and petty things of life.”

Leon Leonwood Bean

Born in Maine, the founder and president (1912-1967) was orphaned at age 12. He grew up working on farms of various relatives and friends. This is the power of community in the outdoors and something I subtly push in my posts. It is not all about fast trends and consumerism haha. Yes, I do have a bit of an agenda. There. isnothing better than appreciating the simple things in life. The free things we have at hand. Whether that means those who are around us, and searching for respite in nature. Continuously adumbrated on my online platforms is the power of two-birds-one-stone: nature and loved ones. If there is a brand who encapsulates such values, it’s L.L. Bean. From the start.

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“The L.L.Bean Pop-Up Shop debuted in 2017 and travels all over the country each year, bringing our favorite L.L.Bean products directly to our customers. With the addition of Bootmobile 3.0 in 2019 and its “toe-ing” capabilities, we have combined the fun Bootmobile experience with our one-of-a-kind mobile store, all while being outside.” The next time this rolls around, I am making a beeline for everything in my size ahead of time if possible.


In the top menu of my blog, you will see a tab that says GIFT GUIDES. I wanted to create an outdoors one, along with other tools, supplies, and wonderful favourites to inspire our loved ones to get some Vitamin D with us. I felt that there are already so many gifting options and do not want to overwhelm my readers with an insane amount of picks. More is more when it comes to being prepared, but L.L. Bean takes out the bulk with multitasking designs that are aesthetically pleasing and terribly functional. Here are some outdoor equipment picks. They make wonderful gifts, and the page is great for inspiration for all the creative ways to get some fresh air.


You do not have to be an outdoorsman fishing or hunting when pulling off the style. It is truly every man’s style for those who love dressing up, layering, and comfort. Since house and farm hunting, I have been looking at different cosy designs for our multiple properties that will span across several acres. Here are home goods I have had my eye on.

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They are consistently giving back to endless communities having the privilege of working with some of the nation’s most impactful nonprofit organisations to gain the benefits of spending time outside. As a teenager, I used to work at the Boys & Girls Club volunteering to teach art and music to little ones. Somehow, we would always end up playing outside braiding grass, flowers, and kicking different bouncy balls around. These forms of charity are the stuff of dreams. Engaging the youngest members of society in attention, care, and fun outdoors means so much to me.

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The reason they were there was because their parents were working hard at their jobs putting extra hours in to give these young ones a fulfilled childhood. Enhancing that with outdoor programs, community partnerships, and enabling a recreational spirit in the outdoors has helped and continues to do so for over 18 million individuals and counting. All thanks to LL. Bean’s charitable efforts. Among their organisations are Boys & Girls Club of America, National Park Foundation, and Trust for Public Land. You can learn more here.

“The kids were apprehensive since none of them had ever done an activity like paddle boarding, but the L.L.Bean staff was outstanding! Our kids were encouraged with positive energy and great people the whole time.”

– Rachel K., Club Staff, North Penn Valley Boys & Girls Club


On my 2023 weekly planner, I constantly have various sundries of how to get some fresh air. Or even sun if it is possible the concurrent day. (Kentucky is famous for having 12 seasons haha.) Mr. Dixon and I have the regular taking out wilderness walks — which is a simple hike through the arboretum or some public property spanning about 100 acres. Then, there are barbecues, sharing some ice tea, or sitting outside to have a chat. It can be that simple.

You never have to run out of creative ways to get some fresh air and have fun with L.L. Bean’s Get Outside Guide. This was so interesting! I could be on this page of their website for hours simply scrolling, clicking, learning, and of course, actually trying these things out.

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