Here is my last Shein and fast fashion haul ever

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It was easy to make a decision to stop shopping for fast fashion. The big problem for me is that China is committing a genocide of a tribe of their own people for having different religious beliefs. Anything against the Chinese Communist Party where governments is God is not something I want to support. This is not supposed to be political. This is simply being aware that human lives are being taken. It doesn’t matter your skin tone or moral standing. No race deserves to be removed from this earth. 

It has become way too easy to support a genocidal nation, because you do not see it happening with your own two eyes. 

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It has become way too easy to support a genocidal nation, because you do not see it happening with your own two eyes. 

Another problem people have is people take more time to think about what suit they’re going to wear rather than what job they are going to choose. It is really sad that we care about such shallow things that benefit us in the short term.

Creating a capsule wardrobe should be carefully curated with long term thinking and not having to think when getting ready with something to wear. This is why I created The Uniform which you can check out here and directly asses, appreciate, and shop for items that are to-die for hands down.

I started slow shopping. Also, for those of you who do not know, there was a full two years where I did not shop for myself. I was putting every cent into each one of my businesses. It was hard. So I had to rebuild my entire wardrobe. This is the culmination of my learned eyes. 

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Here are some benefits of slow shopping:

  1. I appreciate what I already have.
  2. My repertoire has stretched since I’m more creative and resourceful styling new outfits with what I already own.
  3. I can focus on my life rather than my outfit. Priorities priorities.
  4. Shopping is easier, because I know what I will actually wear versus what I wish to wear. Wishful thinking never happens and is self-destructive.
  5. I don’t have to think when getting ready in the morning.
  6. People notice a stronger, more memorable personal brand with strong style repetition.
  7. My style is classic and absolutely timeless. 
  8. I am not swayed by trends and other people telling me what to look good in.
  9. I take better care of my clothes.
  10. I get proper use out of my clothes and wear them into the ground.
  11. Bonus: I’m more likely to dress better and dress appropriately.

I am a huge advocate for wearing beautiful clothes. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Not just in how they look, but how they are made. 

I have more to offer with showcasing my character by donning garment as lovely and high quality as my long term goals. What do I mean? We all have this aspirational version of ourselves. Someone who in our minds we think we are, or are close to being. The truth is that person is kind of distant. Connecting with reality by choosing a style I wear regularly as opposed to a statement ballgown I wish I could wear is priceless. 

I used to think it makes sense for occasions to come in the future and waste my closet space and money aka time and effort into an ensemble I will never wear. Life happens. It certainly did the past two years. We all looked stupid. Clothing companies went bankrupt. Self care and beauty products were flying off the shelves.

Having to think about what to wear in the unforeseeable future versus what I genuinely wear daily is inane. I took pleasure in purchasing luxury fibers in my day-to-day wear. After all, polyester is so inelegant. 

I have never crossed a material that makes you look and feel this level of cheap. Yes, I know there are different grades of polyester and tons of designers charge $600 for a jacket that is made up of 100% of this plastic substance. I thought the people who loved fashion hated the oil industry? Another contradiction conspiracy. Hypocrisy has always been out of style.

Polyester sits oddly and stiffly on your body. Don’t get me started on washing it. Wearing it after a wash is miserable. It becomes boxy and unwearable. It sits sadly in mall stores. I do not want to be associated pushing plastics to be worn on the skin. 

Instead, I rather opt for breathable, antibacterial — literally preventing the spread of bacteria, and temperature-moderating silks and cashmeres. It drapes on your figure beautifully, makes you feel like a million bucks, and you get to love and take care of it in the sink with your hands. I have a post here on how to wash cashmere by hand. A new video is coming soon for how to wash silk by hand. If the last sentence was bolted and linked — you can find it there.

Half my wardrobe is silk while the the rest is cashmere. I like to mix these fast fashion pieces — specifically the tweed micro mini skirts with my natural fiber tops. 

Recently, I made a vow to only shop American and UK brands. Why UK? I love being American and am honoured to patronise those who work hard to supply us with high quality garments made in our homeland. My husband is British. He turned me onto Savile Row and Jermyn Street. My life has been changed since. I cannot go back to poorly made shirts or jackets. It would be an abomination. Now I am simply being dramatic. There is truth to it, though.

The shirts and suits we wear today were invented by the English. I married an Englishman and my children will be half English. It is only fair to share their heritage with them and immerse myself into their timeless design. So far, I have. My closet is full of these textures as Harris tweeds, herringbone, and houndstooth — or puppy tooth as I like to call it. 

Nevertheless, my aspirational self feels a bit closer when shopping for high quality good. They last longer. I take care of them better. My heart is content and I do not feel the need to shop for things I do not need, because I know most of the stuff out there is just that. Stuff. Absolute garbage. Who wants to wear stuff when you can wear luxury everyday?

Sure, it costs a bit more. But you appreciate it more. You treasure each wear. The value of your garment goes up with each memory you create in it. Your children remember their infancy in your silk-gilded arms. You grandchildren notice your style in the periphery and want a piece of the action. 

Wearing timeless clothes is creating a legacy.

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