Here are all my favourite things from 2022

These items either made my life easier, more glamorous, or polished by helping me prepare for what the world had to throw at me this past year. In this list you will find everything from travel necessities to style essentials. This is the year I cemented my signature style for the rest of my adult life. Throughout 2022, I made several videos and posts elaborating on each item and you can binge watch my playlists and subscribe here. Now for the quick rundown of high quality highlights that were pretty life changing. 

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Yeti tumbler

Purpose: Hold coffee, tea, or water and not spill / be knocked over at my bedside

Highlights: I never use a regular glass unless seated at the dining table now. My coffee and tea never go cold anymore, and this is truly indestructible without leaking. There are so many cute colours and I want to collect more to gift them to my family for next year!

Luxury pen I got from Amazon

Purpose: Write smoothly without catches; Keep my writing style true to the way I like to present it; Not mark up the inside of my bag; Have one beautiful pen I use for work and stick to instead of losing a cheap pen each day

Highlights: I also got the refills that come with this wonder and it is so smooth without having to press down with a heavy hand and ruining the paper underneath. It also doesn’t bleed yet still has an inky quality to it as a fountain pen would without all the maintenance. It’s also very elegant sitting next to my collection of $1,000 Montblanc pens for so much less. I think it was $17 last time I purchased it. Definitely a high quality gift worth giving.

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Moleskine notebook

Purpose: Take notes, study, journal, brainstorm ideas 

Highlights: I like the classic mid-size. It comes in all sorts of colours. It’s not leather BUT I have $200 notebooks that the paper thickness in milligrams does not compare. The ink of your beautiful pens will not bleed through the pages and imprints of writing are non-existent. I have over 20 of these used and will continue to buy more in new hues!

Dooney & Bourke Bag: Pebble Grain Domed Satchel (large)

Purpose: Hold my iPad for work without spilling all its contents everywhere

Highlights: The quality is better than my Chanel bags, made in America by an American brand, is lined beautifully with high quality materials on the inside actually protecting my things, comes in so many different colours, and the hardware is even 14k gold. It’s also not awkward to hold, has multiple options for the long strap to carry it with if you choose, and it doesn’t destroy your proportions as a petite person to distract from your outfit.

Hermes Blossom Mules 

Purpose: A smart work/everyday shoe that is not black, is comfortable, and you can slip them on.

Highlights: The leather is like no other leather I have experienced. Insanely supple, soft, comfortable, and makes my feet feel like I am walking in lotion. The hardware is also beautiful, matches all my clothes and they make me look more put together.

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Wacoal Bra 

Purpose: A comfortable bra that doesn’t show my nipples under my everyday lighter shirts

Highlights: This brand was founded in Japan in the 40s. Bras have always been a pain for me as I am a 32F. It is rare that bras even come in my size, more or less would be comfortable. But I have never experienced a comfortable bra before this. The technology is amazing. The strap is not overbearing – it’s almost like air – and the form of my clothes over it look amazing as if it were over my skin but with a better figure. 

Gucci pressed setting powder compact 

Purpose: Have a compact mirror + blot my nose in public bathrooms 

Highlights: This hue is my exact colour, doesn’t make me look like I have powdered my face, and I also used this yesterday as a standalone foundation. It looked beautiful! It didn’t give me acne or blackheads as my oil-based concealer does. I applied serum and moisturiser right out of the shower, then this. I looked like my makeup was done. The packaging is also gorgeous to carry anywhere when grooming in a public ladies’ room.

Chanel clear lip balm 

Purpose: Hydrate my lips without marking up my clothes, pillow & bed sheets

Highlights: This is my OG balm I used to have in tinted shades. But now I have one in each room of the house and each bag I use (don’t worry I only have a small number of bags I use everyday). It’s so hydrating with rich oils from what I think is Camelia Japonica. These plants are beautiful as I have seen several genuses of them in Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles and would visit weekly. A little goes a long way and it lasts all day!

J.Crew cashmere blanket

Purpose: Make the home luxurious & gift to everyone as a housewarming, birthday, or holiday present

Highlights: It is luxurious to lie in, decorate the house with, there are so many different colours, and they are a truly high quality gift someone can enjoy. You will really feel special in one of these.

My Pink Tufted Sofa

Purpose: Film YouTube videos on

Highlights: This truly was purchased to film YouTube videos on to make sure I have a recognisable background, to sit and work when I do not want to be at a desk, and a place for my husband to lounge and tell me about his day in my office. It is nicer than a lot of the other sofas we’ve had and our family has had. The quality is fabulous, it comes with a duster bag, it looks beautiful, it is well made, and the colour is perfectly matching everything in my office!

My iPad Air + Magic Keyboard

Purpose: Bring work anywhere

Highlights: This is perfect for editing videos anywhere. I can work on a plane and not have to worry about content when abroad visiting my family across the pond. I got the highest amount of storage I could find and strictly use it for work. Okay, sometimes streaming movies. Okay, also for shopping. Okay, also for creating my Pinterest dream boards. But the processor is fast, incredible, and considering all the things I have open including high-memory usage apps such as Adobe Premiere. It is definitely worth it and more than capable with this M2 chip and it being so lightweight. I’m thoroughly impressed. It also charges quickly. 

My clothing valet

Purpose: Have my outfit ready the night before so I don’t have to think in the morning

Highlights: This made my life so much easier, my morning routine faster, and my husband even uses it for himself when I am not going anywhere. This truly was a game changer, it looks elegant, and I get more use out of the clothes in my closet because of this now. I even put my shoes at the bottom and hang my bag on the bar. All the accessories are ready to go!

Aspinal of London 100% silk scarf

Purpose: Keep my neck and ears warm in winter

Highlights: There are so many things I love about this high quality and stunning scarf. I was originally ready to spend $1,000 at Hermes for a scarf I was going to keep forever, but could not find designs that screamed at me. Nothing matched my style, so I simply typed into Google what exactly it was I wanted. This came up and it came in the mail to be even larger in person. It matches everything I have. I tie it, wear it, and style it in various ways, and feel like it could be worn forever looking like so many different things in one! My husband, being from England, loves Aspinal of London (his wallet when I met him was Aspinal), and now I am a fan too! There are also other options in this design. I got this for my deep winter features. It is silvery and nude with some slate blues from what I’m told. Oh yes, I’m partially colour blind!

Eugenia Kim Sabrina Hat 

Purpose: Keep me warm but still match all my outfits 

Highlights: This is a truly pulchritudinous neutral to cool tone off white. It matches everything in my closet – it has to as I put a lot of thought into this purchase – and is 100% wool. It is well made and truly is warm. I originally got it not knowing if I loved it, so I returned it. The second time, it was on sale for almost half off and I loved it so much more haha. I wear it almost everyday when it is snowing or raining with my scarf tied around my ears underneath. It is so chic.

Dune London Contrast Cap Toe Flats 

Purpose: Have a walkable flat shoe that matches all my summer outfits but covers my toes 

Highlights: I got this to look smart when travelling and everyday summer walking as a tourist or common visitor across the pond. It matches everything in my flowery style, in my smart clothes for work, and they look very respectable. They are real leather so they are insanely comfortable, but still lightweight. The canvas cap toes are easy to clean. I get them dirty a lot because of the material, but you simply brush it off with a shoe brush and you’re good to go! I feel like a Barbie when wearing these. They’re very cute and usually sold out along with the other colours.

Ramy Brook Harriet Silk Top

Purpose: Travel with only one top

Highlights: You can wear this in 8 different ways, it comes in so many colours, and you can travel with this versus a whole wardrobe. It is so lightweight and easy to hand wash, pack, and I am in love with this versatile halter top. It was my first large silk purchase that you can wear forever.

Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose Perfume 

Purpose: My husband gifted this to me on our anniversary 

Highlights: It is the most grown up perfume with the most meaning I have ever owned. My first Penhaligon’s with our anniversary date engraved on the side. Nothing can replace it, and it has so much history steeped in it. How many Royals use this again? The queen that united England is whom this is named after, and it was a message that my dear husband sent clear and strong like the fragrance itself. Rose. 

Tiffany necklace

Purpose: A gift from my husband we can pass as an heirloom to our grandchildren

Highlights: It is my first Tiffany necklace, and my husband got it for me last year, but I started officially wearing it daily this year. I shower with it, and remove it for special occasions to put on cheap costume jewellery so if I get held up I do not have to worry haha. It’s that orphan-making scene in Batman with all the pearls falling that got me. 

Amazon costume jewellery 

Purpose: Not feel compunction from spending so much if I were robbed

Highlights: These are beautiful and I end up almost layering these daily. It’s hard not to. They are affordable (under $20), and make my morning casual everyday outfits look like I am some old money heiress. 

Beis convertible duffle bag / backpack

Purpose: Carry all my fencing gear & travel through the Galapagos Islands

Highlights: My Galapagos trip got postponed to this year, because on the day before the flight, I got Covid. Then I started using this for my fencing gear. It doubles as a backpack and a duffel bag depending on how you want to wear it. I love this, because I saw one from Helly Hansen, but the colours were so obnoxiously bright, not matching my everyday outfits. It is chic, fits everything – even my awkward helmet and chest guards – with just enough pockets for all my paperwork, charges, and important things like keys to easily access without opening the whole thing and revealing my private items to the world. 

Calpak: Silk shoulder pillow + mask set + tech organiser

Purpose: Travel comfortably & easily organised 

Highlights: I had zero neck pain with this, and it was so comfortable! I got so many compliments, and continue to do so with all my Calpak luggage and travel accessories. It is also silk so it is antimicrobial, and doesn’t collect a bunch of dirt from travelling on disgusting planes. It’s essentially sitting on a bus chair soaked in sweat and farts. Can’t wait til I have my own jet. It also matches all my outfits and luggage. This is because I get all my rose gold luggage from Calpak also. It gives a strong sense of branding and security at airports so no one dares steal what is obviously mine if everything matches and I dress similarly. The tech organiser truly helps me stay sane and organised without having a fishnet of chargers and wires to untangle. 

Dior tinted lip balm in 525 Cherie

Purpose: I forgot to bring a lipstick for a wedding in England and wanted hydrated lips all night

Highlights: This tinted lip balm ended up being so perfect and I still have it today, because a little goes a long way. One day when this is done I will replace it with a matte version, but I also forgot what the beautiful, naturally glossy look is like. This balm also becomes a lip stain as time goes on hydrating your lips through drinks, chats with new friends, and singing along to my favourite dance songs at a wedding. This formula is something I’ll be repurchasing again and again.

Ralph Lauren classic Oxford cut shirt

Purpose: The ultimate everyday shirt 

Highlights: This is a flattering shirt. I got this to buy an everyday shirt I could wear as a statement, but still lowkey. In addition, I created a video on what a good shirt looks like, feels like, and wears like. This shirt was an example of what to wear. The collar and cuffs are more exaggerated and sturdy like the original and proper English style. It is just as high quality as my tailored shirts from England, yet still relaxed enough to be casual on a sunny day in Los Angeles. Essentially, it’s the shirt that can do it all from one of my all time favourite American brands. 

Reformation Orion Dress

Purpose: An easy everyday summer dress that is long yet breathable 

Highlights: I want to truly wear these dresses everyday to the point that people wonder if I wash it! I don’t mind wearing the same clothes daily, because I do hand wash my clothes haha. But these colours make me feel amazing, lightweight, and I can do anything in them. This means cleaning the house, going out on dates, going on summer adventures, riding horses (with shorts underneath of course), hosting outdoor events, and gardening. Also knowing they were made with the future in mind with love in Los Angeles reminds me of home wherever I wear it. This is long to not unevenly tan my legs yet still breathable. 

The Laundress Delicate Wash

Purpose: Wash my silk, cashmere, and wool clothes

Highlights: I have never been more proud to own less yet more high quality clothes, because of this. I can pull off the old money look of wearing the same thing everyday by being able to actually wear the same thing everyday, because I can wash it at home with so much less water! I like to wash one thing at a time, but since my entire wardrobe is now higher quality, I wash more things with less water from lightest to darkest colours. This has made my life easier without clothes absolutely falling apart from being destroyed in a machine or having to schlep to the dry cleaners. 

Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers

Purpose: Have a high quality flat shoe that is comfortable for when I’m pregnant

Highlights: I plan on starting our family this year and wanted to break in something that looks smart for work, because I plan to live my life in these shoes. They also make dirt less obvious since I got them in the beautiful navy. These are next level comfortable and top quality with leather that becomes a part of your foot.

Phone stand

Purpose: Hold my phone so the screen doesn’t crack

Highlights: I can finally use my phone to hold up my recipe without it leaning against something and falling to crack the screen. All while cooking the recipe! I also like to use it when referring to something for work on my desk or watching videos without dropping my phone on my face lying on the sofa. This at my bedside also helps me see the time and weather right away without having to pick up my phone.

Quince 100% silk skirt

Purpose: The silk skirt that matches everything & does it all 

Highlights: I got this skirt not really knowing how well I could wear it, how to style, and what I was even going to do with it, but I purchased it because it is 100% silk. Receiving it in person, I looked and felt like Princess Katherine of Wales! Haha I even bought two. Now I have a black one that just came. I have been dancing around in it with my new black tights, and both hues of the silver-beige and black fit with everything else I wear. This is definitely a look I love to look soft, delicate, and feel like royalty. I do absolutely EVERYTHING in this skirt.

Body brush

Purpose: Remove dead skin & increase circulation 

Highlights: I have this on my desk so I remember to do it. Sometimes I will also do it before a workout before I even land in my office. This is a perfect reminder that you can glow even better by removing dull dead cells you don’t need anymore, and get all the in-growns out. This one is perfect, because it’s not too coarse that it irritates and itches you all day long, but also is not too soft so that it doesn’t feel like it’s actually doing anything. 

Los Angeles Apparel bodysuit

Purpose: Not have to tuck in my shirt / adjust my clothes during work hours 

Highlights: This is definitely high quality, made in Los Angeles, there are so many options for colours, and different cuts. I am wearing this forever for the rest of my life. No questions asked.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Purpose: Never age again + sun protection (bonus)

Highlights: I love this formula! It feels like Vaseline, but smoother and finer. It also hydrates your skin beautifully and I feel like you don’t need a bunch of layers. The mini version is perfect for travel. I used it plenty on my birthday trip riding horses in Texas. 

MM LaFleur 100% silk polo long Leo Pullover

Purpose: My first everyday silk shirts for work and at home 

Highlights: I got these in four different colours, and they are currently on final sale to never be sold again. Frankly, I hope they are a staple bestseller item they are known for and do not let this legacy piece disappear into obscurity. So high quality, looks so smart, and I wear it everywhere, any time. It feels amazing and is so comfortable. 

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Purpose: Wash off makeup

Highlights: I have been using this for years, but this is the first time I got the jumbo version! It lasts so long, costs less in the long run, and it really does remove all my makeup without there being stains on my towel. It smells lovely, light, and fresh like cucumbers. I also love the gelly texture and consistency it gives all over your face with being easily spreadable. 

Lilysilk 100% opera gloves

Purpose: Cover my laser tattoo removal from the sun

Highlights: These are so lightweight, beautiful, and protect from the pain and irritation the sun gives my arm from laser tattoo removal. It is a lovely way to go about your day, makes me feel ladylike, and I got the black one too also for evening events when I want to go sleeveless and look modest. 

Velvet hangers in blush

Purpose: Hang my clothes without damaging them

Highlights: I have these in multiple colours for different uses of items. Yes, you know I’m that level organised. The straps carry beautifully without budging, and there is no damage on the shoulders of my clothes. 

De-pilling machine

Purpose: Remove excess wear from my cashmere, wool, and silk clothes

Highlights: It is less than $10 and is a must-buy for everyone who wants to look sharp. You’ll simply need two AA batteries. Life changer for sure. 

Barbour wax jacket

Purpose: To stay cool and dry in the summer rain in England

Highlights: I did. I wore this in England, bought it because it is Royal Warranted, and it survives today perfectly in the American countryside with me for future uses on our farm and timberlands.

Lancer Method Polish for normal to combination skin

Purpose: Glow without dead skin 

Highlights: I use this on my face twice a week to get off all the gunk, pollution from outdoors, and dead skin off my face. It is the only exfoliator that works, is worth the money, and you won’t pick your face when doing your makeup. 

L.L. Bean slippers

Purpose: Keep your feet warm and without bunyons

Highlights: If you live in a cold place and have some rooms in the house without rugs, go get these now. You will need them. They are sheepskin, so pretty much never need to be washed. You can, but air them out and its natural antimicrobial tendencies will save you for washes only once a year! Truly, from my husband who is a microbiologist.

L.L. Bean pink cable knit zip cardigan

Purpose: Keep chic and stay warm in the countryside

Highlights: The air is fresh and you’re going to want to experience it in this warm cardigan. It is perfect for layering, because it is thick enough to wear multiple garments underneath. You can go for long walks in windy locations yet still feel comfortable.

Smythe blazer

Purpose: Keep warm on a horse

Highlights: I get an mountain of compliments when wearing this. It’s North American-made in English-inspired style Equestrian design, and perfect for the New Frontier. I live in the horse capital of the world, so this is perfect for adding personality to my everyday wear in beautiful quality herringbones, leathers, and impeccable make.

J.Crew cashmere sweaters

Purpose: Keep warm & look good

Highlights: I have full videos about these wonderful sweaters, and my entire colourful collection of cashmere. These drape on the body remarkably, are flattering, and you can layer strategically with these beautiful works of art. They come in multitudes of hues, and can be worn anywhere for any occasion.

Marc Fisher boots 

Purpose: Heels, but long to keep warm and has to match everything 

Highlights: I needed a pair of haute couture-inspired boots that weren’t too thin or thick that I could move around in everyday, but still feel polished. These leather boots were made for me! They also come in black, and I love that they are pointed toes. Originally, I was going to spend $2,000 at Hermes for their heeled equestrian boots, but these were pointed to make my legs look longer, and the colour is lighter, matching everything in my closet.

Gifts my husband loved that I gave him

Burberry Trench Coat: He uses this almost everyday at his new job at the hospital over his suit. I’m so glad he loves it. It makes him look like a million bucks, and I am glad we now both have long chic coats to protect us from unpredictable weather!

Hermes tie: My husband said this is his smoothest tying tie that does not bind, and he has ties from all over Europe. From now on, when our kids want to get him a tie, we are going to Hermes. Trop, trop bonne!

Things I’m Looking For In 2023

The perfect pair of black pumps: I need something for work that is comfortable yet elegant with my new all-black wardrobe. You’ll see a post about it coming really soon, so be sure to sign up to my newsletter and become a VIP! Yes, it is possible to find a pair of pumps that are extremely comfortable to walk and stand in for hours – I have several. Now I simply need to find a black version. I really do not own much black.

Made to measure wool trousers: Nothing fits me wherever I go. It’s always $40 trousers that look incredible on me from fast fashion places. However, they are not the best quality and are a bit too casual for when I’m selling multi-million dollar properties. I have searched high and low and so far have only found them low. Going to Ralph Lauren and trying on their $1,000 wool trousers are not enough. I have found several experts in women’s suiting nearby and across the pond. I will be going to them for my clothes from now on. At least my clothes will fit and flatter me now with the quality I choose, along with the pockets, slants of the details, however many belt loops I want, but most of all for…..the incredible fabrics. So far I am looking at Scabal and Loro Piana. I’m obsessed. Stay tuned!

Land, a house, then build another house (my dream house) on that land: Ahh, the first family house and provincial land we will buy. It is our dream home and the land we raise our family. So much more is coming this year. Bigger, better home things will be in my posts in 2023! 

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