Heirloom investments that make your house a home

Experiencing what my ancestors felt makes me feel closer to my heritage. When I inherited furniture that was two hundred and sometimes three hundred years old blew me away at how purchasing or making excellent quality goods changed my mind on going out of my way to keep up with trends. Having something that stands the test of time is a true sign of otherworldly quality in a day and age where everything is being mass produced so everyone can be in style. 

I like to take things a step further and purchase for multiple lifetimes. Saving everything I have can be back-breaking at times, but it is definitely worth it when I know that my children, their children, and their children on do not have to worry. Whether it be about spending or simply not having the tools or options they need to get a job done, I want them to focus on more important things to contribute to world rather than fumbling for the security or purchasing essentials.

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The thing is everyone has the ability to do this if they make smart decisions, curb their appetite for realising that if something is cheap, someone sacrificed in another land, and fast fashion and quick purchases of items that have already been produced are not the only option. A majority, if not all, of these crafted pieces are made to order and take around couple months (usually about three to six weeks before delivery). This is the exact opposite of fast fashion and sweatshop factory shopping.

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Immerse yourself in the elegant life by visiting the Home Shop. Full of all the luxurious details to glamourise your everyday, the Home Shop has something for everyone. 

I love industrialism and the fulfilment individuals get from finding their self worth when getting lost in work, but to ethically make a purchase is an entirely different set of silverware. Being able to shake hands with the person who constructed a furnishing that makes your house a home, a little bit warmer, a touch cosier, means the world to me. There is nothing more personal than Scully and Scully’s made to order workmanship that can be appreciated and utilised by subsequent progeny who can feel my love and taste in their home – or what was once our home.

Not only is the calibre of make impressive, but I am endlessly besotted by the terribly sensational homage to pulchritude. The condition is guaranteed to be maintained as a message sent to me from my children’s past great great grandfathers and so forth. I hope you find something of form and function in equal rights, because a smattering of confidence will be instilled in you when witnessing the virtuosic craftsmanship in such compositions that make a house feel like a palace all your own. 

Making everything last is easier when you purchase something you know you are going to care about. This is why investing in everyday pieces you absolutely love will hold up longer than those items meant only for function as opposed to having form considered. 



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