How to do menswear the right way for petite ladies

Every time I see influencers wearing ‘menswear’, they simply borrow their boyfriend’s clothes, and call it a day. I used to do this when I was a teenager, but it still did not feel right. Though I received tons of compliments for the shabby chic style, it did not feel like me. I wanted to polish that up, but still take a page from the gentleman’s book.

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Here is exactly how to do it without sporting the style if you are petite and want to look a little bit more put together.

  1. Avoid anything oversized.
  2. Wear a fit that actually suits you.
  3. Add a belt to show off your figure.
  4. Wear the right underwear to hold everything in place.
  5. Add heels.
  6. Still do your hair and makeup.
  7. Add glamorous touches in your styling.
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Forget the idea of wearing anything oversized. You are not the same body type as your man, and probably do not want to have a similar shape to begin with. Instead, wear something in the same style that is the women’s version. This sounds simple, but there are tons of women who do not realise there is a monumental difference when doing so. 

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Knowing your measurements, the way you walk, sit, and carry yourself in general will be different to a man, and this is also reflected in how you wear your clothes versus the tendencies of men. For example, men’s pockets are typically much larger, becuase gentlemen have larger hands than women, generally speaking, and a majority of them do not carry around bags. 

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This applies to the cuts of your clothes at the downstairs seams, the breaks of your trousers, and your shoulders. I am only mentioning a few styles of cuts here. The world of variation truly is vast depending on your frame.

Next is to show off your figure the way you are. You can wear a slim fit or classic fit, but never oversized fit. In addition, there are only a handful of body types that can carry oversized clothes, and those are typically ladies who are 5’7” or taller or with a boyish figure. Anything appearing more soft, rounded, and petite will be swallowed by the insurmountable fabric.

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Belts are your friend, and I personally like to abide by the rule of wearing clothes closer to the skin. Hence the slim or classic cuts. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of material that is necessary composing the garment. 

Wearing the right underwear is something many people forget about. This might sound weird, but most men technically need corsets. If you have eyes and have seen them wearing second-skin slim jeans and tight t-shirts, you can see that most people do not work out, take care of themselves, or look very strong.

You always want to look strong no matter who you are. You will be taken seriously, and this does not mean you have huge muscles as a lady or gentleman. This means you have impeccable posture with clothes that have good structure. If you cannot afford a coat to help you look respectable, underwear is the ultimate place one should invest in. It is often overlooked, and makes you look terribly put together and polished without a doubt. 

Adding heels does not have to be a six inch platform that makes you tower above everyone else. Heels can be a dainty statement in a chunky mule, three inch pumps, or even a kitten silhouette. Remember that shoes finish your outfit. So much so that films and magazines never shoot without showing the shoes, because they say there is no point of showing the outfit at all if you do not pan down to what is on your feet. 

Still do your hair and makeup either the way your normally would for a natural look or an all out glamorous look. You do not want to disappear underneath your clothes, nor do you want to be overwhelmingly statement only by what is on your face. Playing that tricky game of delicate balance with the juxtaposition of menswear is always a creative endeavor. As long as you show you have some sort of colour on your face, avoid looking dull, and show what you already have looks good with your outfit too.

In addition to adding feminine touches to your styling, I like to make sure all of my accessories are something to talk about. In other words, as fabulous as the quality as my clothes. I love a good classic cufflinks with a French cut shirt, a stunning leather bag, and some statement earrings to tie it all together. Now you have menswear taken to a whole new level of power dressing.

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