Haute Stock Is Having A SALE!!!! [A Review + Promotion Just For You!]

Have you heard?! 

Haute Stock is not only having a sale but the Haute Stock Library also got a makeover!

I’m so excited because they also are starting to get their video b-roll game on as I’m growing my Youtube channel which you can visit here.

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I’m not talking about our recent logo & brand makeover (though I love how it turned out to be lovely!😍), I’m talking BIG CHANGES to the MEMBERSHIP EXPERIENCE for Haute Stock subscribers!

If you haven’t logged in yet to see what’s new or if you’re no longer a current member, here’s a quick look at the new features we added in this latest update:

To celebrate their new and improved look, they’re bringing back something old… that is, our old pricing!

From MAY 24 to MAY 28th, the Haute Stock ANNUAL Membership is on SALE for only $299 USD PER YEAR.

New subscribers to the library will save $100 (regular price is $399 USD per year) + lock in the discounted rate for as long as they are active members.

That’s 25% in savings!

I’m so stoked, because I have been using Haute Stock for almost a year now and it has saved me so much in time and money taking photos myself, editing, finding photographers when I’m too exhausted to shoot anything, and keeping the style of my blog consistent.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur who has business online, or a digital marketer, this is a no-brainer.

For those SEO experts and content marketing experts who know all about that “marketingwhile you sleep” strategy know this:

with Haute Stock you can…

  • add keywords into your photos
  • break up your blog posts so you’re content isn’t too dense
  • intensify your overall branding to create a cohesive image
  • design your site and social platforms to bring your online presence together
  • create engaging salespages with SEO copy in the image files themselves
  • access background images to emphasize ideas on your blog posts, social media carousels, IG stories, etc.
  • and so much more

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How Haute Stock Works Inside The Platform

There are so many exciting parts about this membership that I want to emphasize.

Every week a new collection of images are published.

These are aesthetic af dream assemblages of new photos. Nothing brings more light to your week than anything new ha! They mix it up with new photos, beautifully toned, edited, and bright hues straight to the platform. You will receive an email announcing the new themes within the latest collections and there are so many ideas to choose from.

Just click and download.

See something you like? Just hover your cursor over the file you want to use and download it by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the picture. It’s that easy! I even download multiple and create a folder on my desktop to organize all the files for future use. Or even while in the middle of creating a blog post.

TIP: For SEO heightening, I change the name of the file to the keyword I want to use before adding it into my blog post, or whatever page I’m designing. Then I also add alternate keywords to describe the image as one would explaining to a blind person. (That’s exactly what that’s for!)

Collections galore!

There are so many categories to choose from. If you blog about wellness, they have that. If you want to create a Youtube thumbnail for something to do with your business, they got it.

The main classifications of images that consist on Haute Stock are:

  • Celebrations
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Florals
  • Food & Drink
  • Interiors
  • Lifestyle
  • Minimal
  • Motherhood
  • Product Mockups
  • Seasonal
  • Tech Mockups
  • Travel Video
  • Wellness
  • Workspace

They really cover a lot when it comes to a chic, high-end stock studio game. It’s not enough with only having collections with themed images and photoshoots, but there are also mood boards to get you inspired!

Templates & Graphics To Run To

Templates are a huge help when you’re already in charge of running a business as a solopreneur or even with a team. Take the next step past getting some inspiration and go further with already-made templates for stories, carousels photo posts for your Facebook page, Instagram profile, and so much more.

If you’re selling templates online to help other digital entrepreneurs flourish, you can start here.

Graphic Packs with your own theme, color schemes, and branding are also available if you want to switch up your iOS feature buttons, your desktop for your computer, your icons for your website, and then some. Haute Stock has an endless variety of graphic designs, quotes for Instagram that you can help stir up some engagement for your Facebook group and then some.

TIP: People are obsessed with quotes, because it’s something they relate to when it comes to posting user generated content and raising your engagement!

Resources & Training Guides

These are basically masterclasses and workshops that help you level up your social media marketing strategies, guides to help you navigate the chic stock platform, and master new releases on social media tools such as Instagram stories.

It’s literally an all-in-one guide to audit and upgrade what you already have in the ether! Every now and again I also would get invites to fascinating webinars with the necessary trainings for getting my money’s worth from the platform.

Spreading the word about your online business, influence, and services has never been easier with even more help from their

  • Holiday content calendars
  • Email marketing guides
  • Instagram hashtag strategy guides
  • Pinterest strategies
  • Brand strategies

I could wax endless about Haute Stock, because I use it for everything and anything when I turn on my computer and make some serious moves in my business.

The only thing I don’t understand is seeing people’s content where I’m disappointed in their incoherent online displays of disappointment when they can have Haute Stock to basically do 75% of the work for them!

How can Haute Stock help your business with content marketing and transforming your online presence? I love hearing from you so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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