Getting rid of all my polyester clothes and making room for luxury

To say the house, farm, and ranch we just purchased is a fixer-upper is the understatement of the year.

My job is to do the inside of the house with some hardware help from Mr. Dixon. His job is to manicure the acreage, fix up the barns, and homestead. In other words, he is in charge of the outdoors and homesteading. I take care of the house itself inside and out. 

House work that needs to be done

  1. Remove carpets
  2. Sand ceiling, floors, walls
  3. Strip wallpaper & add new wallpaper + Paint 
  4. Redo coving, add wainscoting and fluting
  5. Hang art
  6. Scrub & wash outside of house – possibly need to paint
  7. Redo front porch
  8. Plant ivy to cover the house, and figure out what we want to do with the design. 
  9. Purchase furniture
  10. Build study, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, gym 

The actual structure of the house is very solid, and parts of the wood were even cut by hand. By the looks of it. Each room has a lot of love, but then feels like it was forgotten about. It just needs a little bit of TLC. 

Since we have two months to close, it gives both ends of the transaction a bit of time to get our lives together. Meaning she can pack her things without an afterthought misplaced, and we do not have to rush as we move out. We do not have much furniture and items in general considering we got rid of most of our belongings back in the Hollywood Hills before moving here. 

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We are so excited even more so, because we managed to purchase a house within five months of living here. I thought I had a year to get myself together. Life here is wonderfully simple. The way it should be! 

Things to do before moving

  1. Sell all polyester clothes, beauty, and electronics on poshmark
  2. Clean house
  3. Cut expenses on subscriptions
  4. Send change of address cards 
  5. Shop for stationary
  6. Take real estate license test
  7. Purchase another car
  8. Save for furniture + annual mortgage 

None of the things on this list are anything particularly daunting. I am very much looking forward to things coming together, putting in the work, and basking in the fruits of our labour. Also, I want to start waking up at three-thirty in the morning like Jocko Willink as a true farmer would do. Eventually, I will help Mr. Dixon in homesteading. We are figuring out a ton to do for this new life to come together. I cannot wait to blast music in the house nobody will hear, because we have acres of land all to ourselves. 

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