Free Valentine’s Day Stay-At-Home Date Ideas For Couples

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If you forgot to get reservations, or were too late to schedule some at that beautiful place you know she wanted to go, I won’t criticize you. People are busy, and Valentine’s Day at restaurants can be annoying with their prix fixe menus, and overloaded crowds. Here are some ideas to stay out of the hustle and bustle, and be warm inside together!

Oh and these are totally free by the way.

Don’t forget to check out Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her right here!

Cook something together inside

You can cook for her, or make it an activity together. If you cook for your partner, be sure to prep everything beforehand so you can be sure to get some quality one-on-one time with them, and you’re not just sweating over the stove.

This should be easy, fun, and incorporate each other to bond over some teamwork. It’s been proven that when couples try new things together (including new recipes) they become even closer than before, because they experience creating a new memory with you.

If you’re cooking on your own, no need to try a new recipe. Just cook something you know you are already excellent at so you really impress the love of your life. You might just change the way they see you too. I’ve experienced this on a date with someone before!

Don’t forget to make sure to go out of your way to make the dinner spread extra special with your best effort. Not only is the meal supposed to be yummy, but the whole experience should be visually beautiful. The fact that you’re cooking must be because this person means a lot to you, don’t they?

Turn on the fireplace and tell funny / scary stories

Get closer to the one you love with some getting to know each other, and embarrassing stories from when you grew up. My friends and I used to do this in our backyard on the trampoline, or I just do this now with family when the fireplace is on, or slumber parties with my cousins.

This doesn’t have to be a therapy session, but you can make it as light and silly as possible with blankets, hot chocolate, and make it an excuse to be super comfy and cuddle together. You can also tell horror stories that you always heard from camp that one year.

Check out these chic blankets I found to make things extra comfy and stylish at home. You’re always going to want to snuggle up by the fireplace with your date for this unique Valentine’s Day idea that is simple, and applicable for any stay-at-home date.

Dress up at home and watch the symphony / opera / ballet

Going to see any time of classical music ensemble is really expensive to get tickets, it’s hard to find parking that, and you’re cold in your outfit while you’re waiting outside. However it’s nice to get dressed up and experience some culture with the one you love. Get dressed up, hold hands, and you can chat all about it without someone bonking you on the back of your head with the program to shut up.

Stay in and watch some symphonic music from your lap top attached to an HDMI cable plugged into your tv. You can get free streaming services here and watch all kinds of performances of the opera along with other musical exhibitions!

Here are some beautiful evening gowns I’ve been obsessed with.

Have a dance party!

Playing music from a specific era, whether it be 1950s rock and roll you can swing dance do, pop punk boy band emo songs to sing along to, or even Kelly Clarkson bangers haha. I love doo woop and oldies personally to do the twist to, or sometimes I will samba, because you can’t not dance with Latin jazz and rhythms. Put on some disco for crying out loud! Make a fool of yourself and laugh and twirl the night away. If they don’t take your dance moves personally, they’re the one!

Have a game night

Bust out the old boardgames, or get a new one here, and see who can win the most rounds. Whoever is the loser has to take off all their clothes! You guys can obviously wager on who gets to do what later in the sheets (wink), but at the end of the night, everyone’s a winner.

Make cocktails together

You can explore what each other’s favourite flavours are and become experts at mixology with these cocktail idea books. Don’t forget you can totally Google recipes and make the ratios of alcohol to your liking! The whole purpose is to create a custom tailored beverage your partner will love.

Look at the stars

Use the Google Constellations App or if you have some knowledge of the cosmos, share these mythical stories with the one you love. They’re insanely romantic and you can always cuddle up with blankets, hot chocolate, and even a little fire.

Binge watch a show / movie night

Just to be clear, this night isn’t about sitting next to each other quietly and not getting to know each other. It’s Valentine’s Day gosh darn it!

Get close and watch something you can chat over, or put on a show you guys love together and gossip with trivia. Don’t forget the blankets and drinks! It’s time to get cozy.

Turn your home into a spa!

Spa nights are the best, because they are literally dedicated to relaxing. And having someone to do it with is always more fun. You can give each other massages, do facials, pluck all the things you need help plucking, and turn on some music to laugh and get zen together.

Remember, you don’t have to be experts at skincare. Turn on my youtube channel and watch my 30 Days of Beauty playlist to get all the reviews on beauty products you had your eye on, or search how to do certain treatments at home together.

Check out some of my favourite beauty picks here!

Camp out in your backyard

This one incorporates a sense of adventure where you don’t have to drive to a far away place in the desert or forest. You can simply use your backyard (if you have one) or even the small space in your patio to make things special.

Here’s some gear you might need:

Create a space that is absolutely livable, or have the screen door open to the house to hunt for food, and be sure to have all the gear to keep warm. It doesn’t have to be complicated with outdoorsy things. You can just sit with each other, tell stories or play really silly games like these below!

Let me know in the comments below if there’s something I forgot to mention! I always love getting to know your thoughts and could use more date ideas myself.

Don’t forget to check out Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her right here!

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