Flight Attendant Etiquette When Hosting Children On A Flight

Keeping a little one content and satisfied on a flight can be a bit of a challenge. Consider that the child or infant is going through a lot physically with the pressures of the altitude and uncomfortable environment. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post!

flight attendant etiquette hosting children

Meeting their needs will bring relief to not only their parents, but also to the rest of the cabin who have to experience their presence. It is needless to say clients travelling with children will appreciate thoughtful additions that provide extra comfort and entertainment.

Here are a few extra touches that may be appreciated by young travellers and their parents:

  • Entertainment such as toys, crayons and books
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Plastic cups, bowls and cutlery for eating and drinking
  • Offering to dispose of nappies
  • Offering warm milk or food
  • Offering to serve food at particular times for children
  • Providing extra napkins and linens
  • Fun and colourful plating of meals

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