Feminine Outfit Ideas: Elegant SHEIN Satin Blouses and Tops Haul

A lot of my elegant work tops are a bit on the darker, serious side. I wanted to refresh my wardrobe with some garments that were more…me. AKA blouses that are colourful, fun and bright. Here are some fabulous styles that are easy to catch the eye and lightweight for summer. They are also perfect for layering in the start of Autumn. Transitionwear. Yum. My favourite. This means they are more versatile and you can wear them more often. Always a good way to start off the styling your wardrobe.

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If I’m walking around quite a bit to go sightseeing and going on summer adventures with family, I want to be as comfortable as possible without wearing heels. This means my outfit has to be extra comfortable, stylish and appropriate for wherever these summer adventures will take me. My clothes have to be next level versatile and feminine to show off my shape while still being able to move around. They will be doing so much more work as I can’t wear heels to make my ankles look more dainty.

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Here are some other fabulous things I picked up in this haul. They are super fun, colourful, flirty, feminine and most of all…..timeless. As a person who loves to dress up and save money, I hate when something is too trendy and gets out of style. It just sits there in my closet glaring at me until the next 20 years when it comes around. For classic, but fun elegant style you can scroll down to check out my Pinterest boards. I have tons of inspiration and glamorous style there.

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