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Feminizing the pantsuit is one of the most empowering moves I did at work. I remember the first time I wore one feeling like I was about to scream at an LED screen on Wall Street. Nothing makes you feel more ambitious than picturing yourself in a room where money is abundant.

But the truth was I was sat down in an office all day at a computer the first time I wore my power suit making the beginnings of my ladyboss moves at my former nine to five.

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I got compliments ALL DAY LONG from wealthy ladies who could afford a life of leisure and enter the plastic surgery office where I was an administrator. They would drop $50,000 on a couple procedures, and in the process of me handing them their paperwork, they would look me up and down to wax poetic about how I looked like a classy feminized Wolf’s Wall high finance person.

In other words, I looked expensive. That was a pretty cool feeling.

However, I haver a little problem with people wanting to “look rich”. Looking like you spend a lot is different from looking like you earn a lot. I don’t want to look like I thought of my outfit, because that takes time. But I also do.

My goal is to look refined and polished. When I think of “looking rich”, I picture Mark Zuckerberg in basketball shorts and flip flops. Not a look I’m interested in haha. I especially despise hoodies. They ruin jackets and make things too casual. Hoodies are for fifteen year olds who listen to Dashboard Confessional.

High earner does not equal high style.

People who got rich didn’t do so by writing checks. That’s a whole blog post for another day!

Here are some key pieces to start off your pantsuit as an empowered female.

This was purportedly a boyfriend blazer, but it fit me like a glove! I am so in love with this style, cut, and colour.

Boyfriend usually entails oversized, but this was so fitted and flattering. I am not a fan of the 80s rolled up sleeves as in the photo. Especially considering I want to switch my look up and not have to steam my blazer all the time.

The colour has a matching set of trousers in this haul you’ll see in a bit, but something that bothered me was there was a stain when it arrived. Not sure if it was returned by another customer, or if it was stained in the warehouse. Whatever it is, I managed to immediately remove the stain with micellar water. Works every time!

One easy way to feminize your pantsuit

Instead of opting for a grey, navy, or black, try a brighter tone to lift up your mood and entire look. I love power clashing and don’t mind wearing something loud, but that’s a bit more advanced. It’s also because I have collected blazers and suit trousers for years, so I might have a bit more options to exhaust when it comes to switching up suit looks.

No worry! Bring some cheer and softness with beiges, creams, and even try using blush for a neutral. I know this isn’t for everyone, but try to find a flesh tone shade as close to your complexion as possible as a starting base.

This way you ease into your newly understated colourful style, and I love seeing this with all skin complexions. Find what neutrals suit your tone, and create your own neutral. I consider baby blue a neutral, because it’s a staple in my wardrobe I wear over and over again. The reason being is it makes my irises and dark hair pop!

Learn what makes you look contrasted without dulling you with masculine greys and blacks. It’s been done. Mixing it up can instantaneously be resulted by simpling opening your spectrum of colour.

Spice up your suit

I went back to check online when creating this post to see what colour this is. It’s blush mauve, but is the exact same tone as the blazer in the beginning of the article.

These pair well together, but all the items in this haul are perfect for mixing and matching, because I love spicing it up!

I’m not one to wear leggings at the office, but these are thick enough for the air conditioned workspaces, and quality is not of a workout garment. It also hugs you in all the right places!

Mix up your bottoms

These trousers were not my obvious choice when choosing a pant, but these were so statement without screaming! The seam design leads your eyes to create a sense of composition in your outfit to flatter your figure even more.

I also don’t find the colour to be camel, but leaning to a more peach pink. Almost blush. It’s very light and dainty while carrying a masculine cut.

I’m a huge fan of showing the boys what ladies can do better with their own styles!

Cinch it in

I love the colour, cut, and everything else about these trousers. Checking out the details, I found that the buttons were also of a blush tone, and was really impressed at Express for this.

These look so professional, clean, and bright. It’s like a breath of fresh feminine air.

You know when someone walks in and you don’t see them, but you smell amazing perfume? That’s how I feel these suit pants are. Absolutely memorable.

Be prepared & work bag ready!

A quick suiting rule

When it comes to suiting, the rule to remember is two trousers to one jacket. Our suit pants are used much more than the structured top, because we are sitting, walking, bending in them. Thus creating more wear.

I did this with my first suits, pairing multiple bottoms to the one top and initially got the same colour and design. To keep things exciting, I added different bottoms with varying styles, colours, and cuts. It made things more interesting instead of my monotonous capsule wardrobe.

It’s important to look forward to dressing and feel inspired to start your day!

Shop shades

This blazer is my absolute favourite from this haul, and I found myself wearing this with everything. And I mean everything. Over a pajama top to quickly make a stop to CVS. Out to a nice dinner with friends. And at home sitting down to type this out.

As a petite figure standing at 5’2.5″, cropped is best. It looks like the jacket was made for me, and is incredible quality. The lining felt similar to that of my friend’s Etro blazer.

Finish your outfit

Don’t let your clothes wear you

If you can’t afford to go to a tailor to bring in a jacket for you, forgo the purchase completely. I’ve made jackets before personally and the amount of work that goes into creating the structure alone is one monumental task after the other.

Instead, find something that absolutely fits you the way you want to present yourself. Designers, in the olden days, originally created clothes to flatter those who donned the ensemble. Not the other way around.

Flatter and fit over trend and wasting money any day!

What to wear after hours

Shop the Express workwear styles in this haul!

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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