Expand Your Vocabulary: Why cursing is boring

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They say that intelligent people curse. That is specific to those with a high IQ, but it does not automatically count for everyone. This is because there are different types of intelligence. Not just intellectual quotient. If one is intellectually clever, they would also be open to the possibility of being verbally and socially intelligent.🤔

People justifying intelligence for lack of vocabulary by saying Einstein used profanity is the laziest thing I ever heard. That is a really high bar to compare oneself to. The day you discover the theory of relativity or something of equal value is the day you can start merely justifying vulgar language. Also, Einstein cheated on his first wife and treated her like a slave. Character is a whole package.

A lot of people completely miss out on kinesthetic intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and so much more. Here is a really simplified infographic explaining the main archetypes of abilities. Okay, so there is one excuse down. 

Ask yourself: Why do you curse?

Is it because 

  • You got into the habit of it.
  • It makes you sound edgy.
  • You lack the vocabulary to say what you really mean.
  • You are not creative enough to think of a different way to express yourself.
  • All of the above

Whatever the reason is, we are going to abolish that today. 

People believe you more when you avoid cursing.

You express yourself better when you say what you mean. This is because cursing is slang and slang is not specific enough. Have you ever noticed when someone curses you out, or insults you, you remember the insult the more specific it is? “You are an insolent, irresponsible, heartless…” You get it.

Same goes for a compliment. If someone says, “You look beautiful”, versus, “You look like Sophia Loren in Marriage Italian Style. Specifically that one scene where she is wearing this dress and her hair is done this way.” You will remember that compliment forever.

This is because cursing is slang. Another example of slang is saying “cool”. What does one specifically mean by saying cool? Is it “trendy”? Is it “cool in temperature”? Is it “relaxed”? I would not know. I do not use the word, because I am a grown adult who has a vocabulary.

You set an example.

Have you noticed when someone starts cursing, it opens up the conversation to become more casual and others start to do it? I really do not like this.

It is like when growing up, my church had dances. Nobody would dance unless one person broke the ice and everyone else would follow. Most of the time, I was that person who broke the ice! (That is how I know confidence is practiced.) Setting the tone for a dialogue is crucial when you are indirectly garnering respect from those around you. 

When making exclamations, replace those phrases and terms for something softer. It helps make whatever you are going through seem like less of an ordeal. 

You do not have to curse. 

Choosing not to curse is simply the wisest thing one can do. You single out a lot of people who do not want to listen to you. Look at the song, “Happy” by Pharrell versus “Lap Dance”. The difference between these songs is grandmas and little children are singing “Happy”. It is heard in movies. It makes people feel good, and can apply to most people’s moods. You get your word across better and it hits more people. There are not many famous quotes by inspiring people that have curse words int them.

I get so inspired when people sound articulate. There are a few tricks up my sleeve that I love helping my students with sounding more eloquent, polished, and put together. It is important to speak well if you want to get ahead in life, and cursing is one of those things everyone can leave behind. 

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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