Essential [Summer] Heels? Nah. Timeless Staples You Need Now & Always

I don’t shop at Boohoo, because I usually have a bad experience. The last time I bought spring – summer transitional boots though wasn’t bad!

My impromptu online shopping trip was fruitful when it came to my efforts of using fast fashion for timeless essentials that aren’t just cute, but actually GO WITH EVERYTHING.

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And all year-round too! This always excites me, because I get a deal and feel good about looking good. I don’t feel comfortable when I get my shoes a little dirty.

It’s not like I will with these babies, because I’d take care of them with only a couple hours out for dinner or drinks with sophisticated friends.

I have a proper video coming out to show you the heels, but got so excited because you guys need to know about it NOW! Yes, I love my readers that much.

Aside from that, I’ll also add in some transitional-wear shoes for spring to summer for when your body temperature is confused by the bipolar weather. From the first haul since shopping for Boohoo shoes in years.

Let’s see what we have in the latest haul.

These platform stilettoes are pointed to give that extra accent and unique touch you don’t see in everyday platform stilettoes.

They look tall, but are really comfy when it comes to walking, standing with a glass in your hand a couple hours, and match everything from day to night.

But stilettoes are really meant for nighttime, so I try to stick to the elegance rules that way. 🙂

The color is a light nude tan hue. Not exactly that pink on the blush side. More tan.

These were the first shoes I wore out in this haul. And these are the first I’m sharing with you, because they are truly a love at first sight staple!

I was looking for something I can wear in Greece.

Yes, there’s a Greece packing haul video coming up!)

These have cushion inside, with not much arch, so that means I get the benefits of a high heel, accentuated skinny ankles of the strap, and peep-toe flare to show off my pedicure.

Because summer of course and I don’t believe in having sweaty feet in the heat!

The color is a very light pink + nude tone. Can’t wait to test out how comfy these really are when I’m sightseeing in Greece in short spurts.

Don’t worry, I’m also bringing flat sandals. It’s Greece after all! The place that. made sandals famous!

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If you know your color theory or not, this goes so well with all spring, summer, and autumn tones.

All the bright, warm colors that come to mind. Even a dark slate pale blue. Such a beautiful shade in my opinion. As I am someone who is light-medium.

But even on dark skin it would stand out and make you look so feminine and gentle-spoken. This powder blush faux-suede is probably what I would look like if I were a shoe lol.

I’d wear these everywhere, including afternoon tea. Ugh. These are gorgeous and definitely worth wearing all year round here in Los Angeles.

I want to go to Las Vegas and Miami in these though! But could also use them for a nice lunch in London with my husband.

Tbh, I already wore these quite a few times.

This color — I am not exactly sure what it’s called. It makes me think of creamy nude, but Boohoo said they’re called ‘camel’.

I’m not necessarily a fan of square toe heels. However, These are just iconic and suit pretty much almost all of my closet!

Sorry for the badly done photo on the bottom left. But I tried several times to edit it properly. It just couldn’t be done!

They say that if you shop for most of your clothes to be in the same color scheme, everything will match.

However, I’m not a fan of doing the same thing all the time and definitely need to keep things exciting with a little texture or color mixup.

I never go for patent heels or square toe silhouettes, but there’s something so sexy, tan, and Irina Shayk about these!

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Check out these photos of Irina Shayk. This is literally how I feel in the last pair of heels.

It’s kind of a vibe I go for when I want to look a little bit more tan and exotic.

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Which heels are your favorite? How would you use this nude staples in a look?

I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments below!

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