Essential Autumn bags to go with your fall outfit ideas

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I’m not a fan of structured bags, but structured bags always create the sleekest, most sophisticated looks! No lie about that. They are also a perfect match for the Autumn weather where it goes from unpredictable to rainy. Totes with structure and leather make heavier climate ensembles more accessible since they are so much easier to clean with a swipe and durability.

These bags go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, and if you have an elevated feminine, elegant yet fun style, I think you’ll like these pieces too. Each bag is for every mood in Autumn when you are considering casual use for errands, something statement for the evening, and an elevated piece that is classic yet powerful to dress up your everyday wear.

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I like to have a cheaper everyday bag, because when I am running errands and driving across town, my bag literally slides back and forth in my car. When I had a nine to five, I would strap my Chanel medallion tote in with a seatbelt so it wouldn’t get scratches or marks from sliding around in the car. I also wanted to avoid putting it in the backseat floor, because a Chanel does not belong on the floor. No bag does. It’s bad luck.

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It is especially imperative for me to have a day to night bag. This is where the white clutch comes in. It’s a consistent style that you can travel with to pack less, and use less effort to think about what to wear. This also works for the Tory Burch, because it’s such a classic, glamorous piece that is on the subdued side yet screams personality with the mallow blush colour.

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Evening clutches, minaudieres, and all the bags in between are a subject I have a difficult time with. This being because I will have such an extravagant gown yet nothing to match each individual and unique dress. I would love to have an evening bag to match each, but it’s hard to come across one strong enough to stand next to such a monumental occasion wear piece of a dress, but not to take away from it by colliding miserably.

This is why I tend to opt for evening bags that are shiny like a piece of jewelry. All I have to do is focus on the hardware. Matching the cool tones or warm tones depending on the garment. Now you only have to have two main evening bags, and they are both in this post!

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