Emily Herren from Champagne & Chanel inspired me to post this

I absolutely love watching, reading and learning from other bloggers since day one. This post of watching Andrew East absolutely flirt with the wonderfully feminine Emily Herren made me laugh and want to brush my hair. Her hair is always insanely bouncy and she always has a huge smile that will blind even those who are wearing shades. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post!

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If you’re asking Gia, why are you watching other bloggers? Why are you posting this?

Ever since I was able to turn on the computer, I would visit the blogs of fashionistas who would upload photos of all the latest styles, their glamorous life (the truth was anyone who was older than me and had a life of their own outside of their parents’ house was glamorous), and the fact that they shared about it on the internet.

Back when blogs were IT. And I’m not talking about influencers whose claim to fame was posting on Instagram. I’m talking about people who took photoshoots and wrote a one thousand page essay on why this newest capsule collection was giving them life. They gave insight. They shared feelings. Reactions and why I should or shouldn’t wear items. Especially since we had similar taste to begin with.

The bloggers whom I had nothing in common with, yet drew me in nonetheless were even better at connecting with strangers online. It’s pretty incredible how someone can do that. You feel like close friends when reading about, looking at photos, or watching someone’s vlogs. After all, the highest engagement is on YouTube.

I always wanted my own platform that wasn’t owned by a big company outside of myself. That’s why when Instagram shuts down, you can always find me on my blog. When YouTube has a glitch, you can always hear from me in my newsletter.

Others bloggers are always so inspirational these days too! Not just back in ‘the good ‘ol days’. I am so infatuated with going on LTK, connecting with daily picks of the most stylishly inclined people I know. What I am most impressed at is their consistency.

Consistency is key is what they always say. For me, being consistent is easy on youtube, because I simply have to show my face live and in real time explaining my plight or whatever content I am presenting to help ladies level up. Whether it’s with fashion, etiquette, or glamourising their daily lives. You can subscribe here and click the bell to never miss a post!

I post every single day at 7am PST so that you know you will always hear from me, and I can connect with my audience, even if it’s a one minute long video. It’s good to show up. It’s good to show your face. It’s even better to connect.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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