Easy ways to lose weight fast as a petite person

I’m in no way an overweight person, but the slightest weight with a petite figure is like Atlas holding the world.

I’m petite standing at 5’2.5″ – I say ‘and a half’, because it’s precisely the same everywhere I check. I weigh 105 pounds on a good day, because my implants added an extra five pounds of silicone, and I think that’s really funny to say! Before my surgery I weighed exactly 100 pounds and sometimes would go under triple digits if I wasn’t going to the gym to put on some muscle.

As a petite person, a little weight can make all the difference which is why I’m really careful with styling my clothes. When someone says, “You don’t look disproportionate!”, that means my years of practice paid off.

how to lose weight fast as a petite person

Here’s me when I was in better shape in my usual body. See how there’s an actual hourglass shape?

This – what seems to be a – little shift in my weight isn’t just due me sitting at home on my lap top while stuffing my face. It came from a lot of hormonal imbalance, stress, and depression of not being able to go out, and forcing myself to stay in to work. Mental health played a big factor this time around, because I was recently confined to my room for two weeks in January causing an even bigger, shocking depression.

Here’s me now with no hourglass with my work cut out in front of me! No, I’m not pushing my stomach out haha. This is how i actually look and what’s also been weighing on my mind.

Working out

And I mean plain old going to the gym. Here are all the ways I mix it up to stay active at home, outside, or day dates with my coach to level up my exercise.

  • Visiting the gym – I go hard on the treadmill for one hour straight
  • Fencing – My upper body sweats & builds muscle sparring. It’s physical fighting after all.
  • Ice skating – my whole body usually hurts from all the new techniques I’m incorporating

Eating a little better

I fell into an awful habit of having coffee at night, but especially raging hunger really late. As in 2 am I’ll go to the kitchen and stuff my face with full meals. At first it was really healthy dishes loaded with vegetables and protein like fish. Then I had a bad grocery run of getting ice cream and packaged foods. That was not a good idea.

Here’s a quick glance of what I cook. I know it’s really quick, but I’m going to be posting more cooking vlogs! So stay tuned and give me a follow.

Trading hunger for water

Being a mesomorph, I’m prone to gaining weight easily, but also losing it pretty easily.

This kind of shook me when I went to the gym for one day and had ZERO RESULTS. I got a little scared, because after one hour of good consistent sweating usually puts me back in a good starting place to be smaller tomorrow, but I retained so much fat along with water.

I flushed my system with water, and kept running to the bathroom to get all the salt out. Sometimes when our body wants water, we confuse it for hunger and eat instead. I’ve definitely been feeding this monster lately, and taking action.



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Here’s what my actual routine looks like of working out and eating properly!

Swap your choices

Though I do eat my fair share of cake here and there (I can’t live without sweets and I don’t know how others do it), I am getting back to better habits of eating simply by switching out my choices.

I did not buy these. The other person in the house did. I only buy chocolate flavour, but the again I don’t even eat ice cream in the winter. So that’s how you know I didn’t buy these. Also, who buys the same flavour fruit you already have in the house?!

I don’t believe in purging the house completely of sweets or whatever your guilty pleasure is, but I do have a firm stance in putting the orange sherbet down and exchanging it for an orange. I never understood why people have fruit flavoured snacks instead of eating the actual fruit itself! We are so weirdly spoiled this way. It makes me perplexed and laugh.

Get versatile with the things you already like!

Vitamin C is your friend when you are sick, and I love all the versions of it. My kitchen is always full of oranges for some reason, but I really like to mix it up by having different variations of the same fruit.

For example, I love tangerines because they’re cute, small, and easy to put away in my purse. Then I love exploring a new type of orange. I have blood oranges and these Italian-origin ones with a different shape. And then obviously I have some regular oranges we see standard at the supermarket.

If you’re an apple person, try all the breeds of apples. Or same goes for grapes. I even do this with milk and have tons of different sorts of milk, because we go through it so fast. These are non-dairy millks, because I don’t have the enzyme that can break down lactose properly.

To sum it all up:

  1. Get active and work out in creative ways.
  2. Eat a little better by making wise decisions on what is nutritious versus filling.
  3. Ask yourself if you’re actually hungry or just thirsty.
  4. Switch the artificial choices for the real thing!
  5. Dive deep into what you like by experiences variations of it.

It’s important to negotiate with yourself and prioritize reasonable foods to eat. It is your body after all. Treat yourself like a baby and be mindful of what you’re putting into your mouth. Everybody is always extra cautious around babies’ eating habits. Adults should take care of themselves too! We’re even more able than babies.

Have any more tips I didn’t mention? What helps you find your best weight? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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