Do you like when the weather is warm or cold?

I used to love it when it was extremely hot. Growing up in Southern California was never enough. Cold weather is the worst, but at least there is something you can do about it. When you are freezing, wear layers, hold a chocolat chaud, put on a fire, and you will be warm. If it is sweltering, there is not much else you can do but desperately find air conditioning even after all your clothes are off. Ice melts fast in those temperatures.

There is one climate that people seem to neglect. My dad used to call it juuuust right. Why would someone want to be too this? Too that? Sitting in sweat is a nightmare, but can be a dream for those in Northern Europe. When my friends from Denmark or Norway would visit, they would suddenly start perspiring and breaking out. Visiting Northern Europe, however, is miserable and I remember why they are usually the ones visiting me. 

Living in Kentucky has taught me to wear a t-shirt in sixty-five degrees and appreciate when the sun is actually shining. Go outside. Open windows when you can. Live in the moment. I had sunshine everyday in the Hollywood Hills and hated my life. Blame the pollution, homeless people attacks, and traffic. Gasp: sometimes even the people.

Here, everyone goes out of their way to be kind, there is plenty of fresh air, and my bills are lower. Is it the weather or the entire environment? Living in Los Angeles never made sense to talk about the weather, because up until the time I left it was always the same. Now I understand my English husband and all his British friends. On this side of the globe, there are twelve different seasons. Spring, Mid-Spring, Snow in Spring. I cannot keep count of them all.

But today is one of those days. I am smiling from the sun’s kisses. Birds sing no matter how grey it is. Today, though, it is juuuust right.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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