Dark silk wardrobe staple pieces from Lilysilk you need year-round

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this parcel. Firstly, this is the second time I purchased a couple things from Lilysilk. Second, it came in completely different packaging! This is very much a wonderful thing, because before my silk dress I bought came in paper and plastic. This time, it was a beautiful box. It was the equivalent of my last Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, and Hermes orders. In other words, it definitely felt a touch more luxurious than the initial parcel.

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Not only was this shipment in a beautifully branded black and white box, it had gorgeous ribbon, was wrapped neatly inside with tissue and literal sparkling marketing materials giving information on the spread of goodness the company is committed to. I am a fan.

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Trying on the actual garments was like ripping a candy wrapper open at this point. My new black silk opera gloves were perfect! They were to replace my lycra opera gloves that were literally falling apart at the seams and no longer wearable. These were on the thin side, because silk is an expensive material that can come in thicker, warmer variations, yet the cost would be more than just $33 as these babies. 

Why opera gloves? 

I use them every single day when I am indoors. I know it sounds odd, but I wear long gloves when working at my desk sometimes when I am dressed in my home office, underneath my cardigan, especially when wearing a short sleeve dress or blouse. The reason is simply that it is freezing in this side of the country, and the layers are a dramatic help in keeping the heat costs down. Yes, we can afford to keep the heat on, but I only have it on when my husband is home from work. When it is just me, I will do everything I can to save for the land and house we are building this coming year. I want the process to be as painless and quick as possible. For now, we are no longer in Los Angeles.

At least I get to feel seriously glamorous at home in these gloves when sauntering around with a dressing gown! My husband genuinely smiles when he sees me wear them. He notices how soft they are. Breathable. Striking black. Beautiful.

The blazer

This blew my mind. The quality and make of this off-the-rack masterpiece made me feel very womanly. The only strange thing I noticed was that there was no ventilation on the sides or back of the jacket. Also, I am glad I got blue. Black can be too severe. I will leave that to my dresses. Blue is so much more subtle, dignified, and trustworthy when helping clients. 

When the jacket is open, I look casual yet smart. Closed and buttoned up, I look like I have impressive posture….and even more so an impressive chest. Finding a well-fitting jacket as a size US 2 extra small with an F cup bust is a challenge, but this fits swimmingly still! 

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In addition to all of this Lilysilk luxuriousness, I look like I am wearing a completely different outfit when the blazer is closed versus open.

They say those who are petite should keep a blazer open to streamline your look and make you look more elongated.

Another trick to do so if your smart jacket is closed is to wear the exact same colour to create the effect of leading the eye up. Both work to manufacture a proportionate feel. 

The shell is polyblend while the lining is 100% momme silk. I completely forgot this when I put it on, because I was so taken away with how I looked. It has been a while since I found such a good looking jacket. Then I touched the lining and stood at the floor in awe at what I was feeling. So silky, smooth, and slick. There is nothing else like it. The poly blend is high grade synthetic – so I am not mad at it. When you try it on, you will definitely see what I mean. Not all synthetics are generated equally. 

Looking in the mirror, I was stunned. The colour is rich. I will keep the pockets stitched and in tact, becuase I have no use for the pockets and this weather calls for a pocket flap on the opening on the outside nonetheless. 

How I will style this

I cannot wait to incorporate some serious silk love into my wardrobe when it comes to my workwear. My career is constantly going in so many different directions and this jacket makes it feel seamless, renewed, and chic every single time I think about all the little black dresses, navy  midi length dresses, and pleated skirts and bodysuits to wear this with. 

lilysilk review

It is definitely more of a Givenchy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel with pearls, hair up, long gloves, and dark garments styling I am aiming for. My PLT, Fashion Nova, and SHEIN orders are some wardrobe staples and hauls I never realised I would be keeping forever, because of the timeless styles I purchased. A pair of velvet pumps with rhinestone embellishments from SHEIN, midaxi length dresses from Fashion Nova that are surprisingly work appropriate in slinky, comfortable materials, and dark, moody tweed pieces from SHEIN will make a comeback into my closet. 

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No matter what, these are lifetime buys, and I cannot wait to find more to love, wear daily, and share with you! Let me know what you think in the comments below about these Lilysilk finds. I have a winter capsule collection of navy and black dresses coming into my style staples. Thank you for being the first to know. Share this with someone who also loves classic style and needs more glamorous inspiration on a budget!

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