Common etiquette mistakes I saw this week and how to fix them

Everyone can tell you what you’re doing wrong, but I am here how to correct your social interactions to be smooth, make others instantly feel comfortable, and most of all…hygienic. That is etiquette summed up after all!

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If you work in the service industry and (especially for those in The United States) want to rake in the tips, here is what to do to add a cherry on top of your already well-done job. Tipping is obviously a suggestion, no matter if gratuity is included or not — meaning people can always add more than what is stated on the bill. I personally think it’s fabulous to tip like a Rockefeller when the service was particularly outstanding.

However, this is not the case today. Everyone should have tons of pride in their work and do the best job they can do when an hourly wage is considered. In the rest of the Western world, tipping is not necessary, because it can either be included with a hiked up price for services or it is 100% suggestion. Sometimes it can also be seen as insulting to accept more for what the service entails.

Be sure to remember: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This applies to all etiquette. Read the room or simply ask as politely as possible.

Furthermore, I teach my students to have the highest standards when it comes to treating others, because being a high quality individual should be a given wherever one is. Being polished is not about pomp and circumstance, it is simply about treating others well. The moment you walk away after treating everyone around you with the kindness people do not expect, others will immediately want more and wonder what it is about you they appreciate.

common etiquette mistakes
common etiquette mistakes

I hope this post helps you to keep your chin up wherever you are and spark the desire to be a little more compassionate to those around you. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post. Join The Finishing School to become an elegant lady or gentleman.

Gia G. Dixon
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