Comfy Cashmere For The Cold Weather Capsule Wardrobe

Here are some affordable cashmere picks I think you’ll definitely love.

I’ve been obsessed with cashmere since day one. And mostly because I found out J. Crew has their own [growing] selection of options for the typically pricey staple. At least, I think it’s pricey, but the ultimate luxury you have to own at least once to remember the finer things in life.

It started slow and steady when I got my first cashmere sweater. It was a tomato red 3/4 sleeve crewneck with a heart made of leopard print in the middle. Yes, I know it’s loud. Then my husband got me the subdued camel crewneck with black sequined polka dot full length sleeve cashmere sweater. He knows me so well! This camel piece was basically my personality in a sweater!

I have found myself at least once a week looking over each item in every colour and dreaming about it. Now that my capsule wardrobe is filled with all the cream and off-white items, I’m aiming towards the goal of purchasing all the deep and cool winter tones.

Don’t Forget Cashmere Accessories!

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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