Stop doing too much.

Stop doing too much.

My greys are here to stay, and I am going natural.

I have been contemplating this for a while and still am as I write this. My grey hairs have suddenly disappeared with red hairs to replace them. I am thinking of not dyeing my hair anymore, and keeping it natural for now. Every now and again, for a special occasion, I will colour it darker for black tie events, so it stands out more brilliantly. Other than that, I do not mind having my faded balayage that destroyed my hair ages ago living until it is eventually cut off.

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Recently, I trimmed a few inches off. It feels very smooth and healthy again, but there is still some roughness I want to get rid of. Why is this worth a post? Because accepting yourself the way you are is the point of it. This coming from me means a lot. A person who had body dysmorphia, severe anorexia, and several surgeries. This is groundbreaking and it took years of understanding the bare basic bones of what makes human beings beautiful. 

The things you were naturally given — whether you were born with it, or your genetics developed over time — already looks good on you. People are always doing too much only to be misguided about what they see in the mirror, or eventually come back to the way they initially were. I cannot wait to get my surgery undone, and think it would be safer for my children in the long run. For my body too haha. 

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We are sold so much, because someone else wants to capitalise on our insecurities. At the end of the day, the Bible names are gorgeous. Dressing simply makes you look elegant. Eating clean food makes you feel strong. It is all the real things in life that are true and stood the test of time. Crooked teeth are interesting, and tell a story. They catch my eye with a stronger fascination. Gucci Beauty is probably the only makeup company owning up to this haha. Ironically aesthetic.

Young women are sold layers of makeup, then layers of skincare to remove it, but this is the prime of our skin and height of how it will ever look moving forward. All we are doing is covering it. Mr. Dixon always tells me how he loved my French girl phase. I did not do my makeup except for a bright red lipstick. He loved my natural face, capillaries bursting through my complexion, and wrinkled forehead smile. 

The first time he shared this, I did not believe him. Then he would say this again as he looked at me every month. Sometimes more times in between. It consolidated my love for him, and realised we are so loved, and finding the ones who appreciate you is much easier if you simply state the truth for what you are looking for in a wonderful partner. 

That is a whole other story worth mentioning. Everyone needs to know what true love feels like and how it flows everyday through ever breeze, every second in the world without realizing. We are searching in all the wrong places to find beauty, exception, and what is admissible in the court of our contemplations. You are beautiful. You are interesting. You are funny. You are kind. I adore you the way you are. 

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Gia G. Dixon

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