Weekly Horoscopes January 18-24

Who can possibly keep up with you? Nobody, apparently — or at least not as this week begins. On Monday and on into Tuesday morning, you’ll blow away the competition and others will look on admiringly. On the rest of Tuesday and on through Thursday morning, your ambitions will find…

4 Reasons I’m Over Bossbabe Inc.

I’m not going to talk trash about Bossbabe Inc. They’re a wonderful brand where I got some of the best opportunities and actually made wonderful connections. The powerhouse is constantly making strides to help women find not only their purpose, but also their newly filled bank accounts. I couldn’t say…

Forcing Myself to Take Breaks

I vehemently have to force myself and take a break. Creating devoted moments for relaxation is imperative for a binge worker like me. [Insert joke that cigarettes breaks count here.] Haha no I don’t smoke. Not anymore at least. My husband tries to converse with me before his late night…


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