Etiquette & Modern Manners

As an etiquette consultant, I build ladies and gentlemen. Here are some tips to help you find your stride in social and professional settings. Whether you are on a date at the symphony or pitching a presentation to foreign clients, you will find something here to guide you.

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The Art of Losing Graciously
What NOT to do when someone is being impolite
Stop using these words. They take away your power.
What to do when someone interrupts you
Expand Your Vocabulary: Why cursing is boring
A gentleman’s guide to dressing: Dating dress code 
How to become excellent at grooming in a short amount of time
How to always look polished as a gentleman: Grooming edition
What to wear to work while still looking elegant: Ladies edition
Opera Etiquette: A night at the opera
The problem with being so casual: You show you do not care
100 Traits of a gentleman
How to handle a know-it-all
15 Ways to be a modern gentleman
Who do you sit down next to at a dinner party? This says a lot about you. 
Flower Etiquette: How to choose and gift flowers
One thing you can do right now to instantly be more elegant
Flirting Etiquette: A Courteous Guide
Why you should NOT put your pinkie up during afternoon tea
Texting Etiquette 101: What you should NEVER text