Candles For A Comfy Cool-Girls Night In

Here are the candles you’ll need this season

Christmas gift ideas, anyone?

In my last How To Be Glam Series Video, I mention how one way to instantly level up your space is by using candles. You have your whole range of affordable brands and fragrances. But this list of candles are for cool girls in particular.

Elevate your space and with these intense yet calming scents. “Det er hyggeligt!” as we say in Danish.”There’s nothing that makes you feel luxurious, yet warm like a caveman than an actual fire. Sure you don’t have a fireplace, but there’s an even more beautiful mood you can have without chopping wood and cleanup after.

I personally am partial to floral and fruity scents – basically anything that smells like candy, because I’m actually a child.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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