Butt Implants Post Op Day 3 | 400 CC Silicone Butt Implants

Warning: Not everything in this post is going to be visually or verbally pretty.

Just so you get a sense of my proportions, here are my measurements with the implant size. I want to help you get a good picture of how they’re going to look, even in these early stages, and understand that I’m not going for a full Kardashian look. haha. All I want is to be proportionate and symmetrical in the skin I’m in. I hope you enjoy this journey as I guide you through it! 🙂

Butt Implant Size: 400 CCs

Dress size: 2 / XS

Weight: 100 lb

Height: 5’2.5″

Heads Up: NSFW. There will be some graphic content showing my results, but the scars will be covered with the markup tool on iPhone.

I’ve been having nightmares every single night possibly from these pain meds. That’s an ominous way to start this blog post haha, but it really has been difficult.

Finding the silver lining isn’t my strong point, but it definitely is when trying to reach a goal.

What is that exactly? To survive looking like I had all the bruises and cuts on purpose!

The challenges have been more than expected of any procedure I’ve done in the past and the amount of attention and care exorbitant.


Sad flat pancake bum above. Wondrous new beginning of workout guru bikini model in the healing stages below.


Let’s break it down.

I blacked out from pain.

This has never happened to me before. I’ve blacked out from lack of resources and dry weather but not pain.

What it’s like:

It feels like I’m about to have a panic attack and the pain is getting to me but I just can’t do anything about it. So I stand there and do nothing but cry for help. It sounds sad, but it’s true! And nobody is ever in a rush to help someone in such pain, because there is no way they can relate to what is going on. They respond slowly and try to absorb what is happening. That’s something I’m struggling with.

Lesson learned: You really need a full-time nurse or someone in your close network to keep an eye on you. The strange thing is I can tell when it’s about to happen now.

My bum actually has projection now! Woohoo!

When it happens:

It’s usually when I first wake up if I haven’t set an alarm or someone hasn’t woken up early enough to give me my due painkillers.

Having drains in the back of my behind is similar to what I imagine is the sensation of being stabbed. Drains are buried deep within the muscle and removing them can require the need for redoing the surgery. Just listen to the doctor and release excess fluids from the drains.

Other than that, staying on top of your narcotics is key. In order to manage the pain, you have to take the pain meds before they wear out. Otherwise going back down won’t allow you to come all the way up past the discomfort. You have to take them a bit ahead of time with a dosage low enough to keep your conscious, yet high enough to take alleviate any aching.

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I created separate videos for my breast implants – you can watch here. They were 650 CCs silicone Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implant Smooth Round High Profile.

The reason I’m giving you this super in-depth ugly, authentic look into what goes on behind the scenes of getting your butt implants done, is because I only found 2 videos really of women who posted personal vlogs about it. That includes everything from the full experience, to Q&As, try-on hauls afterwards, and before and after results to compare.

Apparently it’s quite the common surgery, just not a lot of people are posting about it, and taking the time to record everything. It’s also possible that people are not conscious enough to do so, because it was IMPOSSIBLE to record anything the first and second day from all the pain and blacking out with pain killers.

The first day was hard, because I put my body through so much stress doing a double procedure of butt and breast implants. I couldn’t even think about getting up.

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8am Show up at clinic / office. Get undressed into blue robe and surgical hair cap. Pee in a cup to make sure I’m not pregnant. Fill out a bible of paperwork.

9 ish Dr. Hughes arrives to have a word that lasted a couple minutes. (He was very funny and kind along with everyone else in the office.) Took some before photos and will take some post op photos I think at my follow up appointment. We’ll see. Maybe in a month or so / whenever is the usual time they settle into place or “drop”.

9:30 am Iodine bath. This was gnarly. I was wide awake for this and stood up stark naked with a couple nurses wiping me down with iodine. It was a little bit cold, but definitely cold afterward when I lie on the surgical table arms spread, shivering. The anesthesiologist (Dr. Bowen, I think his name was) inserted an IV into my left arm.

I asked, “When does it start working?” He said, “15 seconds,” and I don’t remember the rest lol.

?:00 I don’t remember what time but I woke up.

(I think it was around 5 hours later or so): The nurse put some clothes on me and I got up somehow on all fours. She said I was the first person to smile when waking up from surgery she ever met. 😊 Warmed my heart.

I was slurring, but felt like I was putting Elizabethan sonnets together haha. Robert came in and was taught how to remove the fluid from the drains by my nurse Chaz who was really funny and sweet.

More Before Photos

More After Photos

The results are in very early stages, so this is not what the full result will look like. I experienced this before with with my breast implants. It might seem scary at first, but when they settle it’s totally worth it!

The drive home

This was hell and felt like 2 hours instead of 30-40 minutes.

Initially I was faced with the challenge of having to bend over to get into the backseat and lie on my belly with the BBL pillow underneath my chest so my breast incisions remain in place.

But I can’t bend. I stood there frozen.

Nurse Chaz said, “Army crawl your way in.”

I tried haha. It worked somehow. Thank goodness for anesthesia and painkillers, because it was hard. I was also very afraid of anything ripping open. NO THANKS!

As I write this, I’ve always known how expensive surgery was. But my family who has been taking care of me are sending me texts on how they have to dial back on visits and go back to their lives. I encouraged them to do so with all the well wishes in the world. But it made me zero in back on my life.

The actual cost of surgery dissected:

$100 for the consult.

$1,000 to book the surgery.

$19,000 circa paid in full.

$300+ supplies <— This includes special pillows (BBL & boob pillows for sleeping / sitting), medication, she-weenie to help you urinate standing up, antiseptic body washes, scar gels, special garments to keep incisions in place, etc.

$ Time off work <— This varies if you get paid by the hour, have to respond to someone else, or have your own business.

$ People around you dedicating time off to help you out, or even visit, drive you to follow-up appointments, getting extra groceries, picking up meds, etc.

There’s a lot that goes into the full program of having surgery. I’m so glad I got both procedures of breast and butt implants done at the same time. This whole plan of action and group effort is handled only once. And I only have to make a couple thank you cards in one time around.

Pain Point: It’s a real challenge to sleep.

Or just rest. I am typing this standing up on my counter, because it’s currently the most comfortable position I can set myself for success in.

Dr. Hughes said my priority are the butt implants, because they are more invasive and easier to create a mishap with. So I have to sleep on my stomach. That said, I use a pillow underneath my chest to give a bit of lift to not disturb my incision. I also place myself in an angle that it closes my incision together rather than pull the skin apart.

It’s not comfortable. It’s actually more comfortable to be without a pillow, but there is no way I’m going to rest on my incisions. I want to make sure my aftercare was properly handled to have the best result possible.

Resting is still hard. I put a stool at the end of my bed to climb on, but still have to sort of army climb. Bending my legs are painful and I’d rather not.

Eating To Recover

I have to eat 100g of protein a day. That’s a whole lot. But break it down into bird meals. Mini meals.

A chicken breast is about 20g of protein. So I have to have 3 of those plus my other nutrients from food. And then supplement them with protein shakes. I have the Jocko Willink ones (you can get here) that have 21 g per serving. It’s also got monk fruit and has. 1g of sugar per serving – AKA a scoop. They taste so yummy! Like ice cream. With some frozen fruit, and they replace my coffee.

Coffee is something I’m avoiding, because it’s an appetite suppressant and makes your heart beat unnecessarily offbeat. I really need to eat all I can. If I’ve learnt anything from my past procedures, it’s eat like a horse.

If you’ve had surgery before, you know that you can eat as much as you want and won’t gain weight. Because it takes so much proteins to put your cells back together!


I’m afraid of going to the bathroom. Not because it will feel weird going for the first time. But because I haven’t sat down once since my surgery and it really hurts. I’m not going to push my body to do something it doesn’t agree with right now. So I’ve taken stool softener every night in case urgency presents itself.

You have to take it easy on your body. And that includes going with the flow of what it needs to do. I have a particular cushion that I’m supposed to sit on over the toilet, where I don’t sit on my bum. It’s meant to be sat on with my thighs to not put any pressure on the incision.

Lately I’ve been using the “she-weenie” to stand up and use the restroom. Boy, do men have it easy. I like the idea of standing up and not really have to change out of your outfit just to use the toilet. Le sigh. A girl can dream / use the she-weenie for now. I just make sure to rinse it out as I wash my hands and leave the toilet seat open, for easy access.

The solution to taking a #2: stand over the toilet. If worst comes to worst. Business needs to be taken care of and I will put some toilet paper around the edges in case anything. I know it’s gross to talk about, but it’s a subject that needs to be broached when dealing with this invasive surgery.

You use your butt for everything. To stand, to sit, to relax, to lie down, driving, reading. It’s used all the time.


I’m embracing not being able to fully walk and be mobile when I want to. Though it’s an encumbrance, I still have to get up and get my blood flowing for no clots and swollen ankles or legs. This needs to be done every 2 hours for 10 minutes – nothing crazy. No blood clots please!

On day 3 is when I’m able to move around a bit more and salvage what energy I have to stand for decent periods. of time. To go more in-depth detail, it feels like I gave birth. As in, the womanhood area is sore and swollen. I think from standing and lying down so much.

Yellow bruises are now showing up on my calves. Large and spread the way ink does in liquid. My legs are still the same size, but I really need a rest after standing so many hours. I am also limping everywhere. Getting around very slowly like a penguin with an egg between its legs.

The most I can do outside lying on my stomach and walking is kneeling down on a pillow at the coffee table to get some work done. Dancing around is too strenuous and my incisions are still to fresh to stretch about.

Supplies You Will Need

Here are a list of immediate supplies you’ll need right in the first few days of surgery. If anything changes I’ll update you in real time as events evolve.

  • Protein powder for shakes
  • She-weenie to pee standing up
  • Stool softener
  • BBL pillow
  • Toilet cushion

You can get the shopping list here:

In Conclusion As Of Today – Day 3

I’m not expecting to be in a bikini photoshoot tomorrow and hopping on jetskis with my new body. I still have a way to go. I can’t put on underwear yet because the drains are in the way. I’m still waddling. Can’t bend my legs.

I’ll keep you updated live. So everything I’m posting is in real time and you’ll join this journey with me. Subscribe & hit the bell to get notifications on Gia TV now!

Do you have any questions about the procedure? I always love hearing from you and am more than happy to answer your queries!

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  1. August 1, 2021 / 3:31 pm

    I can comment for day one and two: you slept for most of it, cried a lot and could barely move. Day 3 was a big improvement and it was pleasant to see you u and about and moving on your own!

    • Gia Dixon
      August 2, 2021 / 6:03 pm

      Haha I was definitely winging the first 2 days and suffering. It was the hardest thing I put my body through consciously. Day 3 was starting to get back to normal and now Day 5 I am starting to walk a little bit more normally again.

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