Blowing My Way To The Top by Jen Atkin Book Review

Balance is bullshit but you can still try.

Jen Atkin

That quote really got to me.

I am feeling endless shame and guilt for constantly shoving information down my throat on how to be a better businesswoman and elegant lady while simultaneously neglecting actual real life.

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Yesterday, I got the book and finished it today. It was such a simply fantatsic read and she dives deep into life as a diligent worker, risk taker, and paving her own way in everything she managed to touch.

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Things I learned


  • Stay connected and always forgive.


  • Take care of yourself physically and mentally. It will take you a long way. 
  • Don’t brush off little signs that you’re tired or need a break.


  • Be professional, kind, keep your head low and do your job and then some.
  • Networking and friendship can go hand in hand; not to mention a long way.
  • Don’t turn down opportunities that you think may be too small.
  • Getting further together is better than having an ego.
  • There is no moment to not learn something in the workplace, so be a sponge.
  • Find inspiration around you – it’s everywhere!
  • Do your own thing. Even if it’s not perfect. 
  • Set goals always and document where you want to go.

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Here are some key things to know from the book:

  • Jen Atkin is the OG hairstylist who created Ouai.
  • She was adopted.
  • She grew up LDS (Mormon) like me!
  • She trusted her instincts and worked with the Kardashians (and other celebs) before it was cool.
  • She’s crazy profesh & classy and teaches you how to do it too! 🙂 

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What’s something you learnt on your Femme Founder journey? Have you seen Jen Atkin’s work before? Have you tried her Ouai haircare line? What do you think of it? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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