Big announcements!

I have so many goals this year and it’s already March, so I feel like it’s flying by fast. You’re technically, not supposed to talk about your goals, because then it already feels like you’ve done them and then you never get around to completing them. However, there are some that are already finished and have launched!

The reason I’m posting some of them is because I want to remain consistent in keeping them up. I noticed my habits get better when I think about them all the time, so the tasks become easier to do and automatic.

Announcement 1

I rebranded my blog! Moved some things around, and simplified and streamlined a lot of things to make my site less overwhelming for new visitors. It’s already converted 6 people in the last two hours so that’s exciting! This only proves that my methods of simplifying my life are working.

What’s different?

  1. I added my official storefront to the blog! These are items I use and talk about all the time on Gia TV (subscribe now). Everything from skincare, to my feminine outfits, to books.
  2. I cleaned it up. Just plain cleaned it up. It has so much going on, with too many fonts, and I couldn’t focus on where to look.
  3. I show my face more. As in I added more images, because I know the content that does the best is when you fabulous lovelies see my mug. It’s a great way to connect and I think I’m going to slow down on the stock photos.

Announcement 2

My 2022 words of the year are: self control, simplify and streamline. This is the year I get rid of frivolous stuff and focus on what’s important. Meaning the physical things I own. I have so much cheap things from clothes to furniture that I’m getting rid of. Since I have a capsule wardrobe of quality clothes, I realized most of the everyday garments I use are less than 1% of what I own.

I reopened my Poshmark storefront to get rid of things

  • I’ve never worn – this makes me sad & a wiser shopper
  • are new with tags
  • new without tags
  • only worn once

You can shop my Poshmark here, add me, and comment your handle + what styles you are selling below! This way others who read this can find you and give you a follow. I also love sharing your items to 20,000+ followers — so much that Poshmark thinks I’m a bot sometimes.

Shop my outfits in this post

Announcement 3

I think I’m officially making that shift. I’m not 100% sure. Everyone I know has been telling me to do it FOR YEARS now. I don’t know why I haven’t taken the leap, but I think I’m pivoting into fashion. From now on, I am posting 7 weekly feminine outfits for style inspiration and ensemble ideas on my Youtube channel Gia TV and this wonderful blog.

My LTK @giagdixon is the official house for all things feminine style and I post almost every hour daily. Be sure to give me a follow on LTK @giagdixon! Each of my posts has a feminine style tip as a little easter egg. If you don’t know what LTK is, it’s a free app where you can shop items you see in the photos.

Completely disregard how to use it, just press any image where you see a cute outfit / item you like, and it will directly take you to the online store of where to shop it. This way you can get the item new in your size! It’s a really exciting place where I personally love posting and sharing my feminine outfits. It’s about time I am consistent with posting on LTK and share my feminine styles with you. You can subscribe to Gia TV here and follow me on LTK here.

These are all the announcements for now as I have a few other things in the works!

I don’t feel like this is really an announcement but I’ll treat it as such anyway, because it’s something I’ve been doing, but now am cultivating even more.

Announcement 4

I created The Glow Up. A weekly newsletter where my updates on this blog come directly to you. This is everything to do with feminine fashion, self care inner + outer beauty. I also have been alerting everyone who who sign up with ALL THE SALES. From all my favourite stores. Look to the right and scroll down (if you’re on desktop). You’ll see my favourite retailers. But I have tons more. All straight to your inbox. Sign up here to get my glow up tips + more!

Glow up with me, babe!
Receive self care & glow up tips straight to your inbox.
OMG. You’re in! So glad to have you.

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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