Beyond the dangers: Why you shouldn’t have casual sex

Men are saving themselves for high quality women. Here is proof. I am not going to go into the obvious dangers of STDs, medical issues, psychological health damage and broken relationships. There are countless negatives casual sex provides for us.

The pressure is so unreal when guys are cajoling you into something you do not want to do, and you do not want that label of someone who is disagreeable. Sometimes, hey, we just want to be friends! If we say no, we are deemed as being unfriendly. If we are kind, people think we a flirting. There is never any winning haha.

So we have to set a standard of what we do want gently and politely in a super ninja way that somehow does not hurt people’s feelings. I hope you enjoy this video, because I made multiple drafts of writing this yet ended up semi-improvising this. I wanted to make this video for such a long time, because there are so many young women who are misguided when it comes to finding our purpose.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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