Baby Etiquette: How to act when you or your friends have a baby

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New parents may need to rein in their enthusiasm for their bundle of joy: it is unrealistic to expect your friends to be as happy and proud as you.

Similarly, baby photos will have limited appeal for others, and video footage should be reserved for members of your close family.

The precise timing of tooth-cutting, first word, first solid food and first steps are details that only you and your health professional need to know. Don’t imagine that it’s suddenly acceptable to rhapsodise on the contents of your child’s nappies, or to ignore its screams.

If you’re presented with a baby, be sure to coo with untrammelled enthusiasm. Understand that parents may be exhausted and frazzled, and may not take kindly to advice, however well-intended.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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