Autumn Tops Haul with Sustainable American Brands: Ralph Lauren, Los Angeles Apparel & More

Not all of these brands are sustainable, because I ordered these tops at different types. I recently made a huge decision to shop as naturally as possible, support US American brands, and only high quality. The two crop shirts I know are fast fashion and I am making a transition into slow shopping. Those were the first items I got before making this conscious decision. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post!

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I just wanted to add that I sincerely love these beloved American brands, have been wearing all of these for years, and plan to wear all of the items for the rest of my life! Or at least until they get seriously worn. Truly though, it has been a while since I have shopped these powerhouses of mainstream brands that are not only instrumental to my coming of age through the years, but leave a lasting impression on me as an adult.

Okay. Enough of the Oscar’s speech. Let’s get into the clothes. Literally.

I’ll start with the crop tops, because they seem like the trendiest thing here, but they are frankly the longest lasting items in my wardrobe, because they are so versatile. Let me explain. I have been DYING for a way to layer that doesn’t make me look unnecessarily bulky yet give the interesting details that makes an outfit stand out. The preppy look was always something I was interested in except for the fact that I don’t have the WASPy body for it. I’m curvier and petite, so this means utilising something out of the box. Think of it as a dickie of sorts! Veronica Beard is very much all over those details of style that formulate an ensemble. The two Veronicas get it.

sustainable American brands

Los Angeles Apparel. How far we have come. As a teenager, this was the store to get all the latest trends from. We loved high quality basics and understood that as it mattered to shop local as adolescents. We also loved how the posing and style of the models was on the natural side. The OG brand that established people are gorgeous when they’re natural.

These bodysuits are so sexy in every sense of the word. The way they are revealing yet conservative. They are high quality and sustainable. They come in a variety of colours. They are high cut on the legs, deep plunge and long sleeve. Los Angeles Apparel nails it when it comes to exaggerating already alluring silhouettes.

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Ralph Lauren. This slim-fit stretch polo is always in style. Ralph Lauren is the pinnacle of the American Dream. As in, he knocked on the door of every major retailer to carry his amazing designs until someone said yes. He is the Jew from the Bronx that brought Savile Row tailors to America after working at the American institution of Brooks Brothers. In other words, he knows a thing or two about dressing well and suiting.

Also, I recently found out that he had Crockett & Jones manufacture the shoes in his line for years! I have been recently look at a pair of Julia loafers as my one-time purchase for eternal loafers to go down in history for my signature look. Ralph Lauren polos in the slim fit stretch are to go alongside them in my capsule wardrobe essentials.

Classic American style is always in.

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