Asos spring 2022 lounge and workwear haul | What to wear this week

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I was in desperate need of white shorts to move around and lounge in. This means being able to chase a puppy around in a park, stay not sweating, and letting airflow be available in more places than usual. I’m so glad to say I found some bright lightweight picks to inspire your spring style!

This haul is probably my whole personality in a nutshell. Workwear (even though I work from home), but then also pink stretchy pants, because I want to differentiate the time of day it is by changing location and my outfit in the house.

Having a routine makes me more productive and ready to take on more work with a clear mind. Here are the styles that steal the show in this video and how I style them on the regular!

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These bike shorts are sheer, thin, and are meant to be worn at home, and only at home. At least for me.

Freeing the sight of your [hopefully nude seamless] underwear is up to you, though I can see someone wearing these as a coverup for a swimsuit. But it’s absolutely no judgement if you take these babies to the gym!

They’re super comfortable and go up to my ribs, because I’m petite standing at 5’2.5″, so they reach my thorax. These Missguided cycling shorts are the definition of high waisted, and I think are a lounge staple for the warmer weather months.

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Bershka is one of my favourite brands I found on Asos years ago that I fell in love with. That’s something I absolutely love about the online retailer — discovering new favourite styles and trendsetters to follow.

When something is out of stock on Asos, I visit the Bershka website directly. A handful of my capsule wardrobe essentials are from Bershka and I will create a full post for that brilliant brand.

However, these shorts didn’t do it for me. They were a bit large for my size as there was only an S and no XS. Though whomever is this size I envy, because these lounge frilly shorts are super cute!

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I love white shorts, as you can see haha. They’re so fresh, keep you cool in the hotter months, and go with all things bright colour. Same goes for my winter wardrobe as I go for the similar white denim trousers with a lighter tone top. That’s just my formula, and I stick to it all year round.

These cargo shorts are insanely flattering to the point that I almost kept them. However, they’re too casual for me with cutoffs, too much going on, and I don’t have too many affairs I can wear them too.

I just wanted a simple silhouette to complement my spring and summer wardrobe. I feel like they’re for outdoorsy events, but I’m mostly at home to need that many pockets and buttons at the ready.

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These were the shorts of my dreams. They had everything I could have wanted from a clean cut pair: no cutoffs, a tailored hem, a streamlined silhouette, and classic style.

Except I ordered it in a size too small. I thought it said US2XS. It said 2XS.🤦🏻‍♀️

I ordered another pair and will be wearing them to death for as long as the seams hold together.

Furthermore, I’ve been in love with Vero Moda as a brand for years. They have never let me down with style, and it feels like they read my mind when it comes to taste.

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Talk about trousers now, Gia.

These tailored-look suit pants are a statement to be made at the office, and wherever you’re in the mood to flatter your legs and backside! Holi moli.

I’m obsessed with these leg stretching stretchy pants. They’re very high waisted, and not as stretchy around that area, so take a probiotic after you eat a big lunch to lessen the bloat.

Empowering pink trousers are perfect for dressing up any look 25/8. Get these now, and don’t look back. Tell them Gia sent you.

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In the video above (please subscribe) you’ll see I’m wearing these as I edited it this morning! I’m absolutely in love with how soft these are, how pink these are, and how I can dance in this material with it swinging around haha.

My husband was laughing as I was editing this video and dancing. These feel like a really thin wool material, but are a synthetic fiber. I love synthetics, because they can imitate tons of other materials without costing a fortune, and last longer in my opinion with less maintenance.

I added these to my pink lounge trouser collection. Creating a post on that really soon!

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These Missguided flare knit trousers are on the lighter weight see through side. I’m not a fan of sheer pants, but I’ll be wearing these at home on the couch or on the bed during the nighttime to relax.

The flare is exaggerated and more trendy, but I don’t care if these are super on trend, because they just suit my body type – hourglass petite – and are so soft.

Adding these also to my pink lounge trouser collection. I don loungewear daily, so it makes sense to not get enough of these styles.

On the model, these come above the ankles. However on me, the hemline is well past my feet haha. It’s okay, because I planned to wear these in a more dressed up manner with some heels.

I already wore these out to dinner, and got so many compliments on them. Double pleats are a thing of the past that have made their return, and I was averse to them for quite some time.

The fact that these are pink instantly converted me haha. And I’m a fan of the button detailing, where it’s not a boring black button detail to cheapen or dullen the look.

These are so lightweight, flattering, and comfortable. I’m sold.

A striped blush and cream blazer? This is my favourite item in the haul that belongs on your torso. I’m a sucker for a jacket with a belt to accentuate your shape, and this fit is so flattering considering this was almost oversized on me.

The statement stripes are subdued, and I now am claiming this a wardrobe staple for suiting. You will soon see a feminized suiting post coming up!


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Makeup bags have always been a pain for me, because I usually have ones that are too small, or if they’re large, they’re too cute to use!

I am too afraid to make them dirty, or have the fear of my pigmented cosmetics making a mess inside of them.

This cosmetic case is much thinner than I thought in person, and as you can see in the video, I can crumple them in my hand.

They do the job, are a bit more purple in person, and are the perfect size to fit all my beauty needs when traveling. This includes all things cleanser, skincare, to makeup. Maybe even a hair tie!

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I hope you liked this haul! Everything was inspired, bright, and feminine. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment for more outfit ideas. Keep scrolling for more styles! Let me know which designs are your favourite in the comments below. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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