Are You The Random Girl That Guys Date?

I know. Weird question.

Do you ever randomly meet a guy and you are not his regular type? But he immediately falls for you, shares you with his family and friends, and wants to have a whole world with you?

Welcome to New Girl Syndrome! AKA Random Girl Syndrome

Imagine that one friend you have that marries a girl he’s never talked about before, doesn’t work with, and doesn’t seem to have obvious things in common with. It just feels like this woman popped out of the blue and she is just that.

That’s why she’s perfect

She knows nothing about his world, and he can start with a clean slate. He can share who he is today, not the guy from ten years ago whose older sister has a decade old grudge over. Not the guy who you used to work with that had a 311 phase. And most definitely not the guy she would have wanted to be around. Possibly.

You came out of nowhere and you can see him for who he truly has grown into. Who he wants to be. Yes, he comes with bits of his past, but this girl doesn’t mind because she sees the mature adult he is now. You both get new beginnings, and he finds experiences for both of you to share so that you have more in common. You meet all his loved ones so you have them in common now too.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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