An elegant lightweight look that keeps you warm in Spring transition wear

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Being elegant daily does not have to be complicated or loud. Peacocking statements are a sign of insecurity, and we simply scream through the quality of our garments. Wearing something well made everyday is the ultimate way to express your taste in timeless style and exquisite tendency to don luxurious materials. Wearing an excellently fitting ensemble that does not give you away immediately makes those who matter look twice at your outfit. Dressing elegantly is a polished way of speaking without the words. Those who speak the same language will know what you are saying right away.

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The Top

A high neck makes me think of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. It adds moderation in showing off your figure by fitting close to the skin, but still being comfortable enough to move. Anything light on top immediately brings light to your face, and this hue is striking juxtaposed to any complexion.

The Trousers

These $19.99 trews were a pleasant surprise and are constantly selling out. I am not mad at the situation, because I got myself a pair recently. Photos and a video review on my channel are coming soon! Sign up for monthly moodboards for style inspiration sent straight to your inbox every month, along with updates on what’s coming to Youtube.

The Jewellery

I am not a fan of jewellery, so when it comes to wearing something I can live my life freely in, I only opt for the highest quality links. Gold is my favourite, earrings bring light to the face (I keep mentioning this, because I am not a fan of makeup), and life is too short to not wear something that goes from day to night.

The Bag

My first encounter with Anine Bing was truly her bags. How can you not love her selection of quality designs that go with pretty much everything in everyone’s wardrobe. It is the perfect size, easy to maneuvre when reaching your things, and is the cherry on top to making you look put together and polished.

The Flats

Ballet flats are a personal love of mine. At one point in my life, I had ballet flats in every colour for every mood, season, and outfit. Now that I have sized down to what I actually wear everyday, I find myself falling in love with something dainty and leaning on the neutral side. It makes your legs look like they go on forever, and give a feminine touch to what can be perceived as a basic outfit. Those who do not understand quality might think this. I was one of those people, and simultaneously loved and hated my clothes for being so trendy and poorly made.

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