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Padfolio & Legal Pad Refills

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The ultimate work organiser
etiquette classes los angeles
Blush padfolio
etiquette classes los angeles
Legal pad set of 6 – Padfolio Refills

This padfolio has saved me from spending $20+ per Moleskine book — no matter, I still love them. It also holds everything I need for work together all in one place, focus on my clients, write down notes when they speak, it holds my pen to access right away and holds business cards to give. From the colour, the faux leather, the gold embossing — there is nothing I don’t love about this new addition to my work equipment.

I wanted to keep a stock of refillable legal pads so I do not have to keep buying expensive notebooks over and over, so I got these babies instead.

Refilling a pad folio that protects my work in a stylish casing is so much more affordable than buying a new notebook with fabulous design and thick paper that doesn’t go through. The quality of these legal pads are pretty fabulous.

The Classy Pen(s)

This pen looks like a Cartier pen I had my eye on for a few years. A proper lady and / or gentleman is always supposed to have a beautiful pen on her, because if you don’t care about the little things — how are you going to care about the larger things in life?

Don’t have a chewed up 20 cent BIC. Have a glamorous pen you can refill with standard ball pen ink and create less pollution while being incredibly stylish. It’s my James Bond pen. She’s got weight to her and rose gold on silver matches every outfit! I keep this in my padfolio as my work pen, by the way.

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I can’t tell you enough how gorgeous this pen is in person, but I have to say the previous pen above is better quality. The pen above is also engrave-able, feels a little on the lighter side compared to this Kate Spade beauty (but still is heavy nonetheless).

You’re not just paying for the brand name, it doubles as a stylus in case you need to touch icky card processors in public when paying. This is a twist cap while the pen above has a cover you remove. I am especially loving the case so the ink doesn’t get all over the inside of your purse if you forget to twist it back.

Organisation, But Stylish

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Blush Binder
etiquette classes los angeles
3 Ring Binder Dividers with Reinforced Edge, 1/8 Cut Tabs, A4 paper size
etiquette classes los angeles
Brass accent with framed edge binder

I recently printed out all my course content that I teach with and bound them into separate sections to be one giant book. The problem was making it look especially beautiful when presenting instead of having a giant wad of papers held together by paperclips.

The brass accent frame edge is so chic as these two tone fits the whole colour scheme of my office.

I got the tab dividers to separate sections of my teaching syllabus chapters (yes, there are a lot), and I’m particularly thrilled to teach in style.


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My lap top has officially given up on me, but have no fear! A fabulous 1080p webcam is here to make me look like a movie star on Zoom calls with clients!

The problem with the Macbook cam is that it is only 780p which is really depressing to think we have come this far in technology only to not have built in fabulous cameras to not articulate our presence.

It really is high quality, has better contrast than the built in Macbook camera and has a top notch spectrum of tone when it comes to this – literally – defining camera for the times.

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Since I am using my giant desktop to teach my etiquette students by presenting on it, I needed a new mouse to present with my keyboard from across the room.

Instead of standing face to face with clients, I sit next to them side by side. It was studied that those who teach and even parent side by side get their point across better, because they do not feel confrontational.

If you ever want to send someone a message politely, try this! Also, I love how this mouse matches my Magic Keyboard.

etiquette classes los angeles

I use USBs for absolutely everything and making my Mac Mini desktop know that (It only has 2 USB ports – are you kidding me? Do better Apple.)

This is a game changer for those of you who like to do a lot and be productive in a small space or short amount of time like I do.

I was looking for a pink one, but they all received bad reviews on Amazon. I always opt for baby blue as a cute alternative to making things look softer and less aggressive than tech usually offers.

This is perfect for my microphone, Magic Apple appliances (keyboard and mouse), printer, TB storage drive and camera.

My Macbook Air has officially given up, but for those who don’t know, the EU is making a law to switch everything to USB-C. This adapter has saved me the trouble of having low audio quality. What do I mean by this? I use this to plug in my microphone into my computer and speak over recording a lesson.

It also helps to plug in my TB storage drive and print important documents – yes, my printer needs to be plugged in by USB, because I do not have the energy to set up the wifi for it haha.

I hope you found these fabulous office finds to be the glam your workspace needed. Sometimes it takes a little colour to brighten your day, sleek style and high quality function to get work done. I always look forward to being effective and efficient when I am surrounded by all the tools I need, but most of all, tools I want to use.

etiquette classes for ladies
The main work area of my office

Let me know which office finds are your favourite in the comments below. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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