Agent Provocateur: I remember my mesh underwear set at 19

Is it just me or was I the only one who was shopping this brand religiously when I was 18-19? It was my first apartment in the big city of Los Angeles, and I remember saving all my bones to spend on these bad babies. Sets galore that I would get in the wildest colours. You really had to get an item in your size, because for particularly mesh products, they did not stretch too much. Or maybe I put it in too high heat in the dryer? Nonetheless, the material held up fabulously, and I still come back to this brand for their iconic designs.

I feel like they are quite original, and not a lot of brands even copy them. I also love when lingerie brands turn to clothes and really do an incredible job of making them an extension of their knicker styles. Lingerie brands always blow my mind when it comes to designing outside clothes that are supposed to be seen in public. They always nail it every time.

What brand is your coming of age lingerie company that made you feel adult? I’d love to know more of your fashion memories in the comments below!

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