A quick guide to beach etiquette

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The beach is an unusual public area where we strip down to the equivalent of our undies. However, even in such relaxed surroundings, behaviour should be governed by consideration for others. 

Respect other people’s space, stay at least a towel’s width away from the next encampment, and keep any dogs and children under control. Take any trash with you when you leave. Leave the place nicer than when you arrived.

Shake towels out with full consideration of the wind direction. Music should only be played through headphones, never speakers, unless you are the only ones on the beach for hundreds of yards or metres. Here in Los Angeles, sometimes we space out quite a bit, even if it is busy. In Malibu in particular, it’s pretty dead, because the water is so harsh and the tide is short.

Team sports should be reserved for quiet, unpopulated stretches of sand. Respect the coastguard and take note of any signs or flags.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t ogle other sunbathers – and don’t think that hiding behind sunglasses makes it okay. Cover up when not on the beach with a tunic, sarong or tshirt. If you are going to the beach cafe that is on the beach, still cover up. Don’t forget the sunscreen and, if appropriate, offer to help your companions with any hard-to-reach points.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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