A Painfully Real Bloom Mango Greens & Superfoods Review

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As someone who has previously spent a fortune on multiple supplement ranges from protein powder to power bar, I can take a step back and admit my losses. However, I learnt my lesson and quickly realised it is imperative to listen to your body first and foremost, rather than purchase the next best trend. 

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It does not only take quite a bit of time to see results, but it takes a lot of effort and planning to remain consistent when adding something new to your everyday routine. Adding to my routine is what I am trying to avoid. There is so much overselling, impractical expenses and tasks that complicate my list. If anything, it causes even more stress and issues that can be prevented if we just deleted the latest fad from our lives.

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This is why when I see a new superfood that can vanish bloating, provide all the nutrients you will need for the day, and not cost a lot, all while doing your taxes I become extremely sceptical. 

There is no bigger turn off than someone who is doing too much. I am endlessly being sold something from someone trying to make a living by selling others things they do not need with all the add-ons and bells and whistles. It makes me feel gross. On the other hand, when I do find something that helps me, I become tremendously loyal.

blooms greens and superfoods powder review
blooms greens and superfoods powder review

Since posting my first review of a supplement from a power house brand a few years ago, I have been receiving nonstop offers from companies that have not even seen my past reviews and how I absolutely demolish everything they say. In other words, I like to tear brands apart by telling the honest truth. Why? I am not one of those people who wants to make a living hocking lies. 

blooms greens and superfoods powder review
blooms greens and superfoods powder review

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I try to get my friends and family deals that take you a long way with your money and maximum performance. When brands insult me by offering something I do not believe in after not having witnessed my past reviews of shredding supplements in the wood chipper, I have no issue putting my foot down. I work hard for my money, and make wise decisions to make sure it works for me. Not finding a way it can help my audience would be a crime in my book. This simply comes with the territory.

Now that we got my sense of integrity for product reviews out of the way, here is my tried and true review of the Blooms Greens & Superfoods Mango probiotic powder.

Apparently, it does everything under the sun. This already feels like a lie, or at least a watered down version of the truth. And I mean this upon first impression with face value.

However, I lost two pounds after trying this out for two weeks. I had the mango version of the powder.

blooms greens and superfoods powder review
blooms greens and superfoods powder review

Here is a quick recipe to make you feel full and as if you enjoyed a delicious dessert:

1 cup of your favourite berries (frozen or fresh)

2 cups of milk

1 scoop of Bloom Mango Greens & Superfoods

Blend the mixture for about thirty seconds, or until you feel it is entirely smooth. If you want to make it thicker and less soluble, add less milk, et voilà! 

I recommend replacing your usual slice of cake, cookies, or any of your usual high sugar and fat desserts with this smoothie. Typically, I make our desserts from scratch, whether it be crème brûlèe, pasteis de nata, or a raspberry tarte. 

However, I found out that your brain gets tricked into eating high fats and sugar together. The amount of sugar we would eat in a pie would normally make us humans feel sick. The same idea applies to the amount of butter we would eat in cake. A ratio of one-to-one with sugar and fat tricks our brain into loving it, which is mind-blowing. 

blooms greens and superfoods powder review
blooms greens and superfoods powder review

If you are trying to ingest your nutrition properly, feel better in your skin with a smoothly functioning body, or simply getting in swimsuit shape, these Bloom supergreens made an immediately delicious difference for me.

The immunity it suggests – I have no idea if that works. The bloating – I do not have bloating in general, and cannot account for it. I do not feel bloated when I ingest it, or have felt any since the past two weeks of drinking this every other day. The digestion – I do not have any digestive issues to begin with, so I am not certain if this works, nor am I concerned about it.

There was nothing I changed to my diet and exercise that added to this. As a matter of fact, I exercised less than I normally do, because of a foot injury. Usually, I run a few miles almost everyday. During the past two weeks of trying this powder, I did not change my eating habits, and simply used less energy for working out. These are all things to keep in mind.

blooms greens and superfoods powder review

I will update you once this jar of powder is finished, and Bloom’s business model is to essentially create an indirect monthly subscription as you are supposed to have one scoop everyday as one serving is a scoop. After this jar, I doubt I will purchase this, but it is good to know that there is something out there that had a positive impact on my regime.

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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