A casual feminine weekend day out, because the sun is finally out

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I was genuinely surprised when the sun came out after a consecutive visitation of the clouds for a dreary week. It was warm, lovely, and deserved a sleeveless ovation of arms, because I am still in need of Vitamin D. Those of you yearning to don your sleeveless tops, I salute you.

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The Sleeveless Top

If you have been dying for some sun, or it suddenly became warm, I do not blame you. Here are some tops that let your arms breathe, and get your Vitamin D fix in these simply elegant sensations known as the sleeveless style. I love layering sleeveless tops and they are the base layer staples for my all year round wardrobe.

The Straight Midi Skirt

Don’t exactly like the discomfort of jeans, but love denim? This is the ultimate way to dress up a casual look and softens the working trouser. This is a huge trend I loved in the early 2000s that is coming back around with a familiar nostalgia. I am seeing it more in wool blends, but am not keen on it sticking around. This is I added other straight skirt styles in dress form to remind you that seasonal fun is not everything. I want you to have timeless style that lives on for 100 years or more, and not feel like you wasted your money on something that will not be used for long.

The Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are unintentionally sexy. They are also smart and dressed up for work and fabulously utility when you want to layer, be casual, but also dressed up. They quite literally do it all. I am a huge fan of all things leather, because of its ability to age stunningly. Here are more well made styles that are flamboyant but make a statement in a subtle manner. This will bring some flair to your ensemble that might seem casual. The shoes remind you of feminity, but are also elevated.

The Easy Accessories

I am loving Anine Bing’s accessories, because they are so versatile and smart yet casual. They can do it all with a sense of peacocking to the person in the room who know also speaks the same secret cool girl code. Chic and glamorous for everyday? Count me in.

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