7 weekly outfits for week 12: My spring cardigan formula

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Spring is when it’s hot in the sun and cold in the shade. The unpredictable, yet sunny weather provides a case for us to dress brighter and layer with more strategically. This is the time to add splashes of colour, to draw the eye, attract more bees, and blend in with the flowers!

Cardigan looks

Cardigans are my favourite item to feminize a wardrobe that needs a little warming up. Blazers and jackets are a bit too structured, while cardigans are soft and able to open to create more options to breathe. Having this sense of freedom when dressing elevates your look especially when colour blocking. Nothing is more softening to a wardrobe than wearing delicate fabric that falls onto your body naturally rather than holding up a stiff structure.

Layering tank tops

A really simple way to feminize your spring wardrobe is by simply adding 3 key things:

  1. ruffles
  2. florals
  3. strings, drawstrings, and any string embellishments

It makes for a more casual, yet feminal appearance. Adding colour is up to you, what matches your complexion, and personality. I prefer to wear lighter and brighter options, because it leads the eyes better, and is more captivating as opposed to an aggressive black or dull grey.

Romantic ruffle skirts

Mini skirts are my absolute favourite in general. The length and cut is up to your preference, but I think ruffles give a skirt a more girlish, young and fun quality. It says you’re having an adventure and are proud of your legs. Also, that you’re body can breathe and remain comfortable without wearing shorts and looking too casual. It’s refinement in a romantic sense.

Shop bags

Here are some neutral looks I can’t stop obsessing over. I love Dune London and Tory Burch for the perfect spring handbag styles. They really compliment a look with flattering colour schemes to let your outfit shine. I can’t get enough of their subtle tones and dreamy structures to balance out such flowing silhouettes.

Spring espadrille wedges

Nothing says spring / summer adventures more than espadrilles. I feel like I’m in Southern France now as they are the first thing I think of when it comes to warm weather dressing. I own multiple pairs of espadrille wedges for not only the sake of style, but comfort. When I see someone walking in a pair of these babies, I think of the start of spring — sorry, not sorry Punxsutawney Phil. You can do anything in these platform supporting heels!

Shop the looks here!

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Shop spring cardigan looks!

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